Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 Summary

Jan - Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong - visiting Marco then Chungies wedding.
Feb - JD moves to Stockholm, I get lovely watch for Valentines
Mar - Easter, a very cold beer festival. Celebrating my birthday at Barry's.
Apr - Celebrating my birthday at Grill. First rhubarb crop.
May - LM and Myson visiting, causing me to miss Eurovision final. We meet Augusten. Granny dies.
June - Parents visit. I got to Maui with Louise. EL, J, M, J visiting and we see Yazoo. Midsummer in Sweden, JD dresses the May Pole. I go to Rome and try out the gelato.
July- Went camping on Isle of White, shopping in Copenhagen, visiting EL and J in Borrby. Sunny days so went swimming in the middle of Stockholm, then to summer house. J's Hen Night.
Aug - J and K's wedding. Girls weekend, but without Jo as she got DVT.
Sep - Cray Fish parties. Relaxing week at Summer House, digging a stump up took 3 days.
Oct - Went to Oslo. Norwegian girls visiting. Saw the Hoosiers with Jo.
Nov - Saw the Feeling with Louise. Did not go to Sweden. Started crocheting. Made a chrismas tree.
Dec - Crocheted a lot of Christmas decorations. Went skiing. Packed up JD. Went to Belfast. Home at last, both of us.

Hoping for a just as memorable 2009, but maybe a little bit less travelling by air.

Thank you everyone who helped make this year another good one.

Happy new year!


The New Years Honours list is out and Terry Pratchett is now Sir Terry Pratchett. I always knew he was special.

Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hamming it up

JD and I got a bit carried away yesterday. We discussed what to have for dinner and agreed lentil soup would be nice and I fancied making my own with ham. Unfortunately the butcher didnt have any ham to cook but Sainsburys had a giant boiling ham that we bought. So last night the ham was cooked for a couple of hours with an onion, celery and a carrot. We tried it when it was done and it is delishious.

In Sainsburys I also got lentils and split peas, as I couldnt decide what would be nicest. But in the end I decided split yellow peas were the way forward. So they soaked overnight and now I have them cooking in the ham stock on the stove. I have promised JD that I will make pankakes to go with the soup if there is any left on Thursday. As the pot is big I do suspect there will be plently left and that we will also have the freezer stocked with soup for 2009.

Wednesday, 24 December 2008

Smaller than the Christmas ham

Mindre an julskinkan
Originally uploaded by evafritz
Best Christmas present so far was an invite to see the very new baby Skoog. She is still smaller than the Christmas ham: ham=2990g and she=2870g. She is tiny but very cute.

And I can also report that with JD not around Klara likes me a lot! Ha! So just need to remember not to allow JD to come along next time so he cant contest my favourite position...


Monday, 22 December 2008


We loved it! Skiing was great fun, apart from stomping around in those horrid boots and the pain in the legs. But the cabin was great, weather lovely (including lots of new snow that fell over night making everything look pretty) and ski instructors v young but good. We are now able to get around on skiis without making complete prats of ourselves, which is nice. JD likes going straight down the hill, at speed. I like big S's making sure I break a lot all the time.

Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Mum pointed out that on 21st December is the winter solstice so from then on in we are moving towards spring. And the days will be longer and longer again. Its now 11.18 and its as dark outside as in April at 19.30. Dreadful.

We are packing up JD's stuff to prepare for his move home in a few days. Its a lot of stuff. And that is after he came home with most of his suits, gave his Wii to his brother and I moved most of my stuff home. And its not like the house has felt overly empty of stuff while he has been away, although I have enjoyed having the wardrobe to myself...

Tomorrow we are off skiing in Safsen, check out the webcam to see if you can spot us falling over in the snow.

Tuesday, 16 December 2008

No Snow

Its dark here. And no snow. I had forgotten how dark it get when its cloudy here. At midday it was as dark as at dusk. Scary. And since no snow to light up the place I am just feeling so tired.

Shopping helps. As does pick and mix. And checking out BBC iPlayer and the latest Strictly clips (ok, I have to admit, Rachel and Vincent are great).

But I am looking forward to end of week - I am only working 4 days and have already completed 2 but it feels like an eternity.

Thursday, 11 December 2008

Office Christmas party

I read an article yesterday that said that more than 50% of young men and women need alchohol to get through their Office Christmas parties. I dont think that is a correct figure, I reccon it is a lot higher.

We had a great time at ours, mainly thanks to the very nice Chablis.

Sunday, 7 December 2008

Woolies part 2

Whohoo! Extra open on a Sunday! Our shop is tiny so normally only open Mon-Sat so this was a special treat.

I bought another two cushions, some more Christmas and birthday presents, cards and stuff.

I am a little hungover after going out with some collegues for leaving dinner / drinks. I think I love red wine too much for my own good. It led me to having a Rustler today. Something that would be unthinkable in a normal state...

But I have made a couple of serviette rings, I am quite pleased with them.

I am, though, upset that boooooring Rachel is still in Strictly while lovely Austin has been kicked out. So unfair.

Saturday, 6 December 2008


Woolworths is going bust. Its one of my favourite stores in the UK, along with Wilkinsons and Boots.

They have a mega sale on at the moment and I went in to our local store (one reason to love Woolies - its everywhere!) and picked up some more Christmas present as well as two cushions and only due to my hands being too full did I not leave with more stuff. So I missed out on the sale house goods, childrens clothes, books, DVD and CDs, DIY stuff, car / bike accessories, sweets etc etc etc.

I wonder if they will be open tomorrow so I can go back and see what other bargains I can pick up...

Thursday, 4 December 2008

Picture of knitting result

I am knitting a pair of slippers on the photo below. We then washed them at 60 degrees and shaped them when they came out. I knitted a pair of boats but ended up with very toasty slippers.

8 Challenge


1. Publish the rules on your blog

2. Answer the six 8 items

3. Challenge others

8 Favourite Programs:

  1. Scrubs

  2. Bones

  3. Strictly Come Dancing

  4. Two Fat Ladies

  5. QI

  6. Never Mind the Buzzcocks

  7. Have I got News for you

  8. most BBC4 programs

8 Things I did Yesterday:

  1. Read Midnight Sun (

  2. Admired how lovely the house is with the christmas lights / star / tree up

  3. Had Heidi over for dinner - we made Lussebullar (Saffron buns)
  4. Agreed to book the Jan hols (whohoo, Caribbean here we come!)

  5. Received a Xmas present from Lisa Marie and Myson

  6. Watched It Takes Two (love Claudia)

  7. Ignore my pile of clothes to wash

  8. Decided not to try on the dress for next weeks Xmas party as I think I wont fit into it and wanted to avoid the panic of not knowing what to wear

8 Things I Look Forward to:
  1. JD moving home
  2. Twilight the movie - I have a date to see it on 2nd Jan
  3. Holiday in Jan
  4. Xmas dinner with family at Basenberga and Gondolen
  5. Dinner out with friends on Saturday night
  6. Lie in on Saturday
  7. Strictly on Sat night
  8. Janssons frestelse

8 Favourite Restaurants:

  1. Barry at the Tureen (Brighton)
  2. Pintxtos People (Brighton)
  3. Don Carlos (Brighton)
  4. Moshi Moshi (Brighton)
  5. Pelikan (Stockholm)
  6. Gondolen (Stockholm)
  7. Ida Davidsen (Copenhagen)
  8. Marcus kitchen (especially if Kalle is assisting)
8 Items on my Wish list:
Dont want to be repetetive, here are 9 from the other week, although Jodie has been kicked out so only 8 remain.

EL - seeing as you should be done with that dull finance text by now how about completing a list eh?

Tuesday, 2 December 2008

Sunday, 30 November 2008


I spent the weekend with Jo and Chris in Cirencester and had a great time! We spent most of Saturday doing Christmassy stuff: making saffron scones, crocheting Christmas tree decorations, knitting slippers (once washed went all fleecey!), making a Christmas tree and cooking Swedish Christmas food.

Today I have spray painted the tree green and put added lights and some nice staw decorations and its lighting up the conservatory. And Chris gave me a light thingy so I could hang my cool black paper star in the bedroom window. V nice. Oh and my advent pig (Lisa Larsson) is lit on the mantle piece with two nice bit poinsettas framing the fire place.

I have photo evidence of the weekend and will post them all for you to admire as soon as I can find the loader thingy.

Friday, 28 November 2008

Oh How We Laughed

Barb and I went and saw 'Far from the maddning crowd' yesterday at Brighton Royal Theater. Neither of us had read the book so we had little idea what it would be like. Judging from the rest of the audience the book must be a classic as the theater was full of old people and student looking kids who were probably trying to get out of reading the book.

Anyhoo - the play is set in the West Country and all the actors did a Dick van Dyke West Country accent that did go quite on my nerves. And I think the cut quite big chunks out of the book to make it fit into a couple of hours, so at times it was a bit confusing.

Overall it was very enjoyable and we did laugh a lot.

Now off to Cirencester!

Tuesday, 25 November 2008


It was 12 degrees in the bedroom this morning when I got up. I sleep very well in the cold but its hard to get up.

I am not going to change the heating settings to make it warmer cause I am sure this winter lark will just be temporary and soon it will be around 10 degrees again. And I cant have this changing the heating settings every other day. So I will add an extra quilt, make sure my fluffy slippers are just by the bed and the towel on the heated towel rail in preparation for the morning shower.

And I am sure its good for you (somehow) with the cold. It sure makes me appreciate the hot shower so much more. I am so so so glad we dont have a bath tub, a nice enclosed shower cubicle thingy is the way forward. But I wish we had underfloor heating in the bathroom.

Monday, 24 November 2008

Wish list

A asked me to write down what I want for Christmas so here goes.

Three hard presents:
The latest Pratchett
The latest Gaiman
Peter Greenaway DVDs

Three soft presents:
The credit crunch/recession to be less hard hitting than we all fear it will.
Jodie to be the surprise winner of Strictly.
New jimjams

Three important presents:
Terry Pratchett to get better so he can write lots more books.
Neil Gaiman to write more books, maybe another one with Terry.
Charlaine Harris to speed up her writing of the Sookie books.

EL & B - what do you want?

Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bless the weather

Its cold and wet outside and I am indoors finishing the Stephanie Meyer series EL tipped me off on a few weeks back. I was supposed to read the first three books slowly over the next few weeks and then borrow EL's copy of the 4th. But of course that didnt work. Read book one last week, book two on Friday, book three yesterday and book four (which I bought yesterday) today.

I was planning to get some bulbs and plant out this weekend but its raining so I am not going to be able to. Aaaah, what a shame...

At least I have done most of my Christmas shopping. Met B in town yesterday and sorted out a few more presents, in between lunch at MoshiMoshi, free chocolate from Hotel Chocolate and Montezuma and general catching up.

Tuesday, 18 November 2008

Terry and Aled

Go Terry and Aled! Defitnitely a Christmas nr 1 black horse. They just need to set it up so we can download it. Chris loves it. I love it. And I am sure everyone else will love it too!


Saturday, 15 November 2008

Gardening gnomes

JD has been home since Wednesday night which is lovely! We decided to 'winter' the garden front and back today and I again was reminded of why I shouldnt have a bigger garden. JD did most of the work, I spent most of the time thinking maybe we should just get a gardner.

We went to the tip with one round of garden waste and have bagged another that we will take over there tomorrow. Its looking better out there, but not perfect. But I am bored with it now so this is as good as it gets for the winter.

Sunday, 9 November 2008


I have had an unsociable weekend. I have only spoken to about 5 people in total, and most of these conversations consisted of 'This one please' and 'Thank you'

Today I went to B&Q and got a spray paint gloss (!) which I have used to gloss two out of 4 chairs. It stinks but oh its quick. Will do the other two + a second coating in a few weeks.

I made coq au vin on Thursday night and have eaten it through the weekend, it just gets better. I added spelt towards the end so it became kind of a spelt risotto coq au vin. Oh so handy as I like one pot cooking.

Today I made cardamom buns as well, mmmm. And I finished the beret. Hmm... this time the needle was too big so its more like a big untidy hat than a beret. Am not sure if I can be bothered with a third attempt.

Saturday, 8 November 2008

Farmers markets

Went to the farmers market in Shoreham today. And funnily enough quite a lot of stalls were the same as in Lewes last week. Wonder if there is a price difference?

The one stand Lewes didnt have is the Teddy's cafe cake stand. The best cakes in the world. I bought a slice of ginger and rhubarb cake - sponge cake with ginger icing and rhubarb cream in the middle. Veeeery nice.

I also got two dozen free range eggs and some free range pork chops. Lovely.

Oh and I love our wool shop. I have passed it so many times but this is the first time I have been inside. I bought some needles and am definetly going back. My grown up sized beret is coming along a treat!

Friday, 7 November 2008

Am trying hard

I am trying to learn how to crochet. Hils at work has told me that its easy. And I have lots of books with instructions and also some wool and crochet needles. So should be a doodle.

I have so far crocheted a couple of 'trial patches' to check that I have the right size needle and woold. Boooooring! So I decided to go straight for a beret!

And I have made one. Its black, doesnt look too bad. I by mistake changed pattern midway but it still looks fine. If you are 5 years and have a small head. Could probably also fit a smaller child. But black berets on smaller babies require a brave parent.

Anyway, I am off to the wool shop tomorrow to pick up some bigger crochet needles and possibly some more wool. Can you have too much wool? I think not.

Bring on Strictly! Its Crochet time.

Tuesday, 4 November 2008

November the miserable

Skin thingy was fine. Of course I have ruined my skin with too much sun bathing blablabla. But she didnt try and sell me lots of expensive treatments and stuff so I am quite pleased. Spend £10 in total on products and got some freebees. Not bad.

But getting to and from the session was horrid. On Saturday it was pissing down here, and although the walk from the station to Sk:n is only just 5-10 min I was soaking by the time I got there. My trusty Berghaus jacket was dripping. No fun.

And Monday was no more fun here, so grey that it felt like the day never really started. Miserably miserable. So I am working from home today to cheer myself up. Its nice.

Thursday, 30 October 2008

Its free!

Oh I love a bargain. And I love free stuff even more than cheap stuff. For example I love the crappy pens you get from Cancer research and the Red Cross (sometimes with postcards) that are meant to emotionally blackmail you into giving them money. I am immune to that cheap trick.

But I am not immune to the clever ways of shop assistants. I went into a store on Saturday to ask about their moisturisers, I was willing to part with some cash within reason. I left with an appointment with a 'skin specialist' who will assess my skin and then probably try (and even more probably succeed) to sell me not just a moisturiser but also a scrub, some soap stuff, some other creams and maybe some treatments as well. The appointment is complimentary so I am feeling I am getting something for free and am very happy. Will check wallet after visit to validate that feeling.

My friend H got a complimentary Laser treatment from her dermatologist and of course said yes not thinking any more about it or looking into what it actuall means. When she arrived at the clinic a lady was leaving and was asked by the staff if she wanted to book another appointment; she said 'No, I have finished this set of treatments and dont want to go through this again.' Hmmm...

H then got taken into a room and the handmaid/ nurse / skin lady in waiting told her she would put some local anasthetic on her face and let it start working for 10 minutes before the treatment started, to minimise the pain. Hmmm....

Finally Mr Dermatologist arrives and starts the process. H was told it would feel like being pinged on the face with rubber bands. She told me it was not pleasant. Especially not on the edges where the helper had missed a bit with the cream. At the end she was asked if she wanted to book a next session. She wisely declined.

I am hoping my skin assessment on Saturday will turn out to be as relaxing and glam as I have imagined it in my head and if I see anyone with rubber bands looking for a victim to ping in the face I shall leave.

Tuesday, 28 October 2008

Kodak moment

While I had a great weekend in general and it was lovely seeing J and G the main memory I am going to take with me is probably going to be Mark Foster taking his top off as he got voted out of Strictly Come Dancing. There is a God and It might well be a woman.

Sunday, 26 October 2008

Sookie and the Hoosiers

Collected book 5 and 6 of the Sookie Stackhouse books yesterday but with Johanna here I couldnt just read all weekend. Instead we met with the Norwegian girls and had an English wine tasting session, Jo and I then went to see the Hoosiers. 2/3 of the audience were dressed up, a lot of cops and robbers. A good concert.

But of course I couldnt help myself but had to start book 5. And of course I couldnt stop once I had started, so I finished that one late last night (helped by the clocks changing, so I got an hour back). And today after I had left Johanna at the station I started the 6th and I have now finished that one too. Want more. But dont want hard back. So hard to wait. These books are better than chocolate.

Thursday, 23 October 2008


I am not used to studying but have spent the whole week trying to cram like a student at exam time. I am not enjoying it but am glad it paid off for test 1 of 2. Tomorrow is test 2 of 2 and I hope I pass. If I dont I shall mope. Like a teenager being told off.

The test is 3 hours, the result will come in maybe 3 weeks. In the mean time I shall go back to work all eager to implement what I have learned. I reccon by the time I get the results I will have forgotten all about it.

Sunday, 19 October 2008

Book case orderliness

Ordered two but dont want to have hardbacks mixed with paperbacks so will have to be patient and wait. I am not keen on waiting for books. And I will have to buy the first book as I want the whole series... And now I am thinking they might be nice as audiobooks too. Not to mention seeing the tv series with Alexander Skarsgard (looking forward to when they get to the 4th book...)

New Love, Old Love

EL lent me a book for the flight home and I am addicted. I went into town and got three more in the series yesterday, they are all finished by now. I now need to order the remaining four books for next weekend. I also found a new Aveda hairdresser in town! Got complimentary neck and scalp massage as well as a lovely back massage from the chair during hair wash. Nice.

And its satsuma season! At last. Love satsumases. And JD is home this weekend. I am cooking us a stew in my new Le Creuset pan (white, 26cm in diameter, lovely).

Monday, 13 October 2008

Brown cheese and smelly fish

Oslo was lovely, we had a great weekend experiencing Oslo in the sunshine. We spent Saturday morning sightseeing and then went to the farmers market on Karl Johan to try out local specialities. I can confirm we like far i kal (lamb / cabbage stew) but not rakfisk (fermented herring). JD also got to try cloudberries (unimpressed), brown goats cheese (ok), local apples (lovely) and plums in vanilla sugar syrup (divine).

In the evening we tried out the local beer from the Oslo Microbrewery and I still only like pale tasteless lager (Oslo Pils) but JD loved loved loved their IPA.

We spent a lazy Sunday walking around on the Opera house as well as around the fort in the middle of town before getting on the train for the 7 hour journey home. Its nice to go by train. We had a lovely time. But the food on the Chinese trains are about 50 times better than on Swedish train, as is the service.

Friday, 10 October 2008


BTW the photos from our week in the summer house are now on flickr.


I am in Oslo visiting Gunnhild. Its autumnal, grey outside but all the trees have vibrant yellow leaves and some orangey red ones too. We have just had lunch with Alex, very civilised. I do find it amasing that I havent been able to meet up with him in Stockholm in the 7 months I have been visiting once a month but I go to Oslo for 3 days and he is here too.

JD will arrive tonight and tomorrow we are heading to the Kontiki museum and an outdoor area above the city, by Holmenkollen. All very civilised. But will probably ruin us as Norway quite expensive.

Sunday we travel home by train, 1st class!! Only because I booked them so so early that the price was just £30 each. It will take most of the day though as its the milk train. But I have a table cloth to embroider and 'The Truth' by Mr Pratchett on my ipod.

Monday, 6 October 2008

Cooking with cheese

OK, I have quite a lot of cheese left over from Sat night. While this isnt an issue in itself I do feel I should cook with the cheese so I am trying to find recepies for my three cheeses.

Cabrales - found this salad recepie that I think will be nice. Not sure what arugula is so am going to use spinach.

Stinking Bishop - well how about mushroom and cheese filled peppers? Or I might just go lazy and have soup with Stinking Bishop cheese on toast...

Brie de Meaux - am thinking this one I can munch on while cooking the above two recepies. Maybe on a slice of the nice dark bread I baked yesterday.

Saturday, 4 October 2008


Went to Lewes with B today. Shopping in all the antique stores, farmers market and the cheese shop. I got no antiques, some bread and game steaks at the farmers market but it was the cheese shop that got most of my money.

I am having a Ploughmans lunch for dinner. I have some brie de meaux, some stinking bishop and this fanstastically strong blue cheese (cabrale). And a little chicken liver pate.

Walking around town we kept wondering why everyone was smelling so badly, and it turned out it was we that were the smelly ones. B thought she might have an old used baby diaper stuck to her jacket, but it was just the cheese.

And I reccon if you have flatulence problems and a date coming for dinner your best bet is just getting some stinking bishop to cover any embarassing smells.

Red wine and cheese is perfect for a windy night.

Thursday, 2 October 2008

Never gonna give you up!

GO and vote for Rick for Best Ever on the MTV awards!

Here is the link to the voting page:

And if you wonder what I am on about, read here:

Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Am getting into knitting. Got inspired just before my week off and got some wool and started on a tube in mohair, v easy but fun. Realised when done that its too itchy to wear so charity will probably get that one... Found a wool shop in Enkoping and got some more wool and made a shawl with it. Love wool shops in small towns. Amazing that they can stay open.

But anyway, as I a while back had a similar phase I have quite a lot of wool that I got off ebay so I am now looking for another project. Am thinking somethign relatively straight forward, nothing with sleeves but ideally something I can actually use. But needs to be an easy and forgiving pattern as I knit terribly unevenly.

Have decided on a vest. Will let you know how it goes.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Am back in civilisation after a week at the summer house. With no shower or bath facilities we did get quite mucky. But we had a dip in the lake mid week, v v cold, and I washed my hair with the hose once. But it was still bliss to stand under the hot shower this afternoon.

We borrowed a car from my sister, her mother in laws old car, it was quite fun to drive as long as I didnt have to stop by red lights or park in any tight spots. No power steering. But as its basically worthless the red lights issue resolved itself as everyone else got out of the way when I came along as their cars undoubtedly are worth more than Old Betty.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Holiday! Celebrate!

Lalalala, I am on holiday as off now. Mentally I have been off since Thursday morning but I have tried to pay attention and deflect any queries onto my collegues today as well.

Now I shall go home, leave the laptop and then off to Carolschen for dinner. Tomorrow we pick up the car we are borrowing from my sister, then dinner with parents in the evening. On Monday (once Ryder cup is over) we go to the summer house to read, do nothing, walk in the woods and pick mushrooms. That should make us feel thoroughly relaxed I hope.

And if we get bored there is the moose park!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Autumn, cold and leftover food

Picture from
I have had a cold for two weeks. I know that cause I have had no energy to cook any food, I can stretch to heating in mirco wave but no further. But today I made a dish from left overs in the frigdge and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Take a butternut squash, halve it, drizzle oil on it and some salt/ pepper / thyme/rosemary and roast it for 40 min at 175. Fry some mushrooms in butter along with some finely cubed courgettes, cubed ham. Pile into and onto the roast squash and top with grated cheese and back in the oven for 10 min. Mmmm...
Next time I get a squash I am doing the koftas on the picture. Waitrose do good food.

Monday, 15 September 2008


I mowed the lawn, then JD raked it and recut it. It looks nice now.

I have won the BC books! Unfortunately I reccon they will turn up while I am away but am sure my nice friend Mr Postman will keep them safe for me.

I am going to bring some wool to the summer house, assuming I can get the knitting needles through customs...

And I am absolutely knackered after playing 27 holes of golf today. Am glad the weather was good, nice and warm and sunny.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Mrs C

I have just put a bid on some Barbara Cartland books on ebay. I think the world need more pink ladies with lapdogs. EL - you can read them next time you are here.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Pratchett forever

I have a new mission, I might need to rope in the other Eva and Jenny to help out as they can knot too.

I want one of these:


JD is coming home for 48 hours this weekend. I have missed him and I am sure he has missed the house, and me. I have made a list of all we want and should do this weekend:

Cut lawn
Play golf
Go to pub with Justin
Have lunch somewhere nice
Go through all his stuff from his parents loft
JD to have hair cut
Discuss holiday
Discuss plans for christmas
See Hellboy
See our other friends
Have Sunday Roast

Am thinking if we manage even a third we should be happy. But probably knackered.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


While I like the haircut I do wonder if she really believes Nigella will fit into her new limited edition dresses if they are only available in size 6-14.

Getting used to a face

Wouldnt it be boring if we all looked the same? I am sure that if given the choice most young girls would happily chose to look identical to one another, as long as they were pretty, I am sure I would have. But nowadays I am greatful for different looks as I am so useless at putting names to faces that if we looked any more alike I would be completely shafted.

Interesting article:

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Something on the car door

When I came back from Stockholm the other week I found while I had been away someone had put something on my car door, drivers side, along the botton quarter of the window. It looked kind of reddish and must have been liquid to start with. The stain starts by the mirror, goes along the window onto the back window and there also down on the door a little.

It has rained a lot here lately so I was hoping it would just go away. It hasnt. I am hoping its not puke. I sit and look at it when I am in a queue thinking of scenarios as to how it ended up on my car. Maybe someone driving by in a car spraying my car with Heinz. Or being sick out of the bus window. Or someone very tall running past with a strawberry milkshake and losing their grip.

Monday, 8 September 2008


My feet hurt. I decided to wear a new pair of shoes to work, with a heel, reasoning that as I am in London today I will only walk from car to train, train to office and then back. Nothing basically. That was until I forgot to get off the train at East Croydon to change. So I had to take the underground from London Bridge across to Victoria. And at London Bridge you have to walk for a mile to get to the underground, then change as the Northern and Jubilee dont go to Victoria.

So by the time I got to the office not only had I lost any advantage I would have got by taking the 7.11 train rather than the direct 7.25 but I also know that I dont want to move all day as I feel like screaming each step I take.

Saturday, 6 September 2008


Its been raining a bit here over the last few days. Not as bad as in other parts of Britain but still more than I have seen for a while. So I shouldnt have been that surprised when I walked into the conservatory last night to find the whole floor wet and the rug completely soaked. I decided to ignore it and go to bed.

I told JD though so next week when he is back he can do the manly stuff of trying to sort it out.

Friday, 5 September 2008


I am picking the buggers, just not enjoying it.

Luckily most of the plants died when I was home in July and the summer heat made a rare appearance. The yellow ones are pear tomatoes. ALL are self seeded so I am sure I will have more next year. Bstrds.


At last, autumn is here and I can feel completely unabashed about wanting red wine, stews, reading all day, sitting indoors and generally being unsociable. Summer is nice for a while but I do get a bit tired of the white wine, rose, salads, grilled food, outside social events and the urge to wear open toed shoes and often too little clothes. I mean the office is the same temperature all year round so why should I be able to sit in a skirt and tank top just cause its warm outside. Not that this summer has been overly warm, but I am tired off it all the same. Tired of having to run outside and ENJOY the sun for the 5 minutes it decided to show up.

And definitely looking forward to the frost to kill of my garden. Everything grows so bloody well here. And gardening is dull after the first initial enthusiasm in spring when its a new thing, by now it has overstayed its welcome and should go back to being a place where I store the rubbish, bikes and the neighbours cat rules.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Men planning v. 2

I got a text last night from my friend I met for dinner last week asking me if I fancied coming out on Saturday for a few drinks with her. It seems her boyfriend has not arranged anything for her birthday except for meeting his mates in the pub for the England game. Lets hope is has bought her an amasing birthday present.

Monday, 1 September 2008


I had the best crayfish I have ever tasted on Saturyday. I also had some horrid snaps and can confirm the best is still Loytens, fruity stuff just doesnt work with saltiness as well as cumin does.

Friday, 29 August 2008

Men planning

Went out for dinner last night with my friend Nicky who has a team here in Sweden that she visits a couple of times a year. It was lovely seeing her and I made sure she now knows a couple of places to eat and drink for future visits. We went to Gondolen for a cocktail (can reccommend their Carribbean Stallion) and then to Ljunggrens for dinner. We sat by the bar and either charmed the chefs or looked so starved they felt sorry for us, but we got some free sushi! V nice...

During dinner Nicky told me her boyfriend has offered to plan and arrange the outings for her birthday next week. I think she is quite brave to take him up on the offer and as its only a week away and I have heard nothing from him am wondering if I should ask what is going to happen. N told me not to offer to help as that would defeat the object. I am thinking not getting a birthday party would defeat the object as well...

Wednesday, 27 August 2008


Just been to lunch with Carola. How very civilised to meet friends for lunch. Tomorrow I am going to the booze shop for lunch (as I need to bring some wine to the crayfish party at EL and J's on Sat) but then again on Friday I am meeting Anna for lunch.

I would do more ladies luncheons when in Sweden if I didnt have this tendency to book meetings at 11 UK time.

Tuesday, 26 August 2008


Originally uploaded by evafritz
I spent the bank holiday monday eating with different people, starting with Jenny and Klara for lunch, then shopping and ice cream with mum and finishing with mum and dad at a new italian restaurant in town (Porto Cervo, Timmermansgatan 38.)

I have been walking past it since it was done up ealrier this year on my way to work so on Thurdsday Gunnhild and I went there and tried them out. V good... So I went back on Monday with mum and dad and they confirm its v good.

Reasons to like it:

They offer two 'taster menues', one with 4 dishes and one with 6, which helps us customers chose.

There is a wine menu to go with the taster menu and they take turns to choose the wine so we had a different set on Thursday compared to Monday - both v v good.

The staff is mainly men in their 50's who are very charming and happy to chat and help out with ordering etc. I like being served by grownups rather than 20 year olds.

Its close to where JD lives so that makes getting back home afterwards easy.

Sunday, 24 August 2008

Next year Brighton

Great weekend. Gunnhild was here and we spent some quality time with Sofie and Eva. Looking forward to next years trip to Brighton. I shall make the girls very welcome and plan some fun events. Hopefully as fun as polo and crayfish party.

Thursday, 21 August 2008

Age discrimination

JD has been on tv!! For about 3 seconds on Sweden's main news program. He can be seen walking past the camera in the middle of a piece regarding age discrimination, he can be seen 11min and 43 second into the stream, for about 3 seconds.

Reason for the tv coverage: Citibank rejects any applications for credit cards for anyone over 75 years. The old man interviewed is really nice and I do think they should give him a card. The head of Citi is less charming so he wont have won any new customers by his appearance I believe. Fingers crossed JD saved the day by looking charming when walking past.

BTW - JD is on his way across the road to see the 200M race at the local gym, nearest place with a TV.

Wednesday, 20 August 2008


My friend Johanna was supposed to come to Stockholm this weekend to spend time with me, Gunnhild and Sofie as part of our annual reunion. But yesterday she found out she has Deep Vein Thrombosis so she has to take blood thinning medication, go and get the blood tested daily and definitely NOT fly.

So unfortunately it will just be me and G this weekend. Sofie had a baby a few weeks ago so we will go and see her, but its not going to be the same as the great weekends we have had previoius years:

2007 - Hytte in Norway
2006 - Cirencester, UK
2005 - Borrby, Sweden
2004 - Bergen, Norway

But we are of course very glad they found the DVT before anything serious happened!

Basically one of her calves is 2.5cm bigger than the other, slightly warmer, slithly different in colour and hurt a bit. Not exactly major warning signs so IF the above description fits you call your doctor!

Monday, 18 August 2008


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Wedding went well, I managed to get the cake from Choccywoccydoodah through both UK and Sweden customs as handluggage. It was divine...

Jenny and Kalle had arranged a great party and we all enjoyed ourselves. Of course the food was fab, Marcus cooking along with Kalle made sure of that. And the whole arrangement was spot less, both Jenny and Kalle do have a knack for organising things (and us helpers).

Ignore JD's pained expression, we both had a great time.

Thursday, 14 August 2008


I admit that I havent finished the book yet. I am saving it. As I am off to Sweden tomorrow and its too heavy to lug with me I have decided to not get too hooked as that could cause trauma.

Anyway I have bigger fish to fry. I collected something today to bring over to Sweden and I am now practising looking cute and loveable to be able to convince the security men at Gatwick to let me through with it. Its not liquid so should be ok. I hope. Or there is always tears.

If it doesnt work I promise to post piccies of me with it and the evil security men (well if I am allowed to take photos of them, national security and all that...)

Wednesday, 13 August 2008


I got the latest Brookmyre through the post tonight. Dont talk to me til its done.

Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Do I shop too much?

Do you reccon I shop too much online? Today when I went in to collect a parcel the postman spotted me when I entered and cheerfully called out my name and asked how I was.

This time it wasnt even I that had been shopping but JD who had got me a new clock radio with an IPOD plug in thingy on top. I like.

Sunday, 10 August 2008

Second dinner

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B came round the other night and we had gravlax salad and some v nice rose. And of course a full debrief on our travelling / activities since we last met. The fact that we are both in the same country at the same time feels quite speciall.


Originally uploaded by evafritz
Todays gardening paid off. Potatoes v nice with the last bit of gravlax from the other day.


We spent the day in the pub yesterday, drinking wine, eating and chatting. It was great especially as it was windy, rainy and miserable outside. Perfect weather for going to the pub.

Somehow someone on a stag do ended up in the sea and drowned yesterday. Now the pub we were in is next to the sea and I cant believe someone not only went down on the beach but actually went in the sea in that weather.

Today its sunny and while all I want to do is stay in and read and watch TV I feel so guilty about wasting a sunny day that I am going to have to do a spot of gardening to appease my conscience, then I can spend all afternoon in the sofa.

Sunday, 3 August 2008


Photo of Norrkoping by Lennart S Svensson from

From Mrs A

  1. post the rules first

  2. answer all the questions

  3. send on challenge to other bloggers

  4. when you have posted your answers let the person who challenged you know

Name 5 things on your to do list today:

  • cut the lawn - not done due to rain

  • play golf - not done due to rain

  • read through material as prep for BlackBelt exam - maybe later

  • turn gravlax - done

  • unpack bag from visit to Sweden - started in a half hearted way

What did you do 10 years ago?

  • Just started working at Amex as a temp. Probably the worst temp in the world as I spent most of my time looking for other jobs. But somehow managed to impress the boss enough to be given a permanent position after a couple of months. Had just got a flat in Malarhojden and felt very grown up and excited about living in Stockholm and not being a student any more.

Places you have lived?

Five things you would do if you were a billionaire?

  1. pay off debts

  2. work less

  3. play more golf

  4. travel more

  5. give enough money to OG so I get to come back with all my friends as hederledamot

People you want to know more about:

I pass the challenge on to Barb and Angela.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

Bridget Jones

Am watching BJ's Diary. Oh Hugh is nice. But so is Colin. Nice that she gets to do both. I am somewhat jealous.
And I love her dad. My favorite actor. Sitting on a toad stool in a priests outfit. Ah bless...

Hugh Grant as Mr Wet Shirt after falling in from boat is a favorite scene. Oh but reminds me of Colin Firth as Mr Darcy. Also nice.
Ah, dinner with smug married couples.
Oh and the fight! Hmmm, I think I prefer mr Darcy. He is lovely.
I might have to push JD in the lake next time we are at the summer house. Somehow get him in a white shirt first...

Saturday night didididlalalalala

Have a rare Saturday at home and I am enjoying myself. I just cooked cabbage pudding (literal translation from Swedish, its layers of mince and cabbage which has been softened in a pan with some golden syrup, all cooked in the oven til its set.) Am now watching the Ladies British Open and drinking tea. Plan is to go shopping later for dill so I can cure salmon that I can eat for lunch next week. It is raining so I have an excuse to stay in. And it also means I cant cut the lawn that is in desperate need of a trim. God bless the weather gods.

Friday, 1 August 2008

You have to!

If you have the opportunity you have to go and see Eurobeat the Musical!

Oh how we laughed. And sang along. And voted. And cheered.

I was Hugarian and think we had a very strong song ("Entrails, Entrails" in the chorus).

Estonia won, probably thanks to the very fit men in small Borat style swimming trunks. And being Brighton and Pride did probably help.

I voted for Germany. Sneak peaks offered on web site.

I have the cd, the Hungary badge, Hungary flag and a Eurobeat horn to remind me of a great night. Am not sure the neighbours will come to love the horn as much as I do.

Tuesday, 29 July 2008


This was supposed to be JD's last week, so I booked an extra bag on the fligtht home tonight. I wont need it now that he is here til December.

I am wondering how the house will look when I get back. I am expecting piles of post but probably tidily on the coffee table as I think the cleaner was in yesterday. And probably a bloody jungle of tomato plants going mad outside. We have 20ish self seeded plants and they all had little green tomato babies when I left so might be a sea of red by now. And the wee courgettes are probably marrows. The rhubarb cant take over the world from its position but has probably covered all the neighbouring plants with its giant leaves in an attempt on world domination.

Will be nice to be home.

Sunday, 27 July 2008


Originally uploaded by evafritz
Dinner with the family

Saturday, 26 July 2008

Cunning plan

We had a hen night for Jenny last night and we had a great time. Lovely cocktails at Gondolen (mmm strawberry daiquiri), then lebanese dinner at Tabbouli and finishing with more cocktails at Rival (mmm rhubarb).

Funnily enough the total distance travelled all night was about 800m. That is clever planning...

Friday, 25 July 2008


Yesterday was the funeral for my grandmother Eva. I am named after her and wore her local costume and apprently look quite like her so a couple of people did a double take when I introduced myself. My uncle looks just like my granddad so he had a similar reaction at granddads funeral a few years ago. And of course it turns out that among the relatives you can spot the likeness, not just that me and my sister look just like mum but that our cousin Madde looks just like her mum, and her son Micke looks a lot like our aunt Kim. My uncle who looks like granddad has a son who is following in his footsteps, being the spitting image of his dad, but not with white hair yet. And his sister is the spitting image of her mum. Our genes dont seem very adventurous.

Granny would have approved of the funeral I am sure. Not only was the church full of yellow roses, the priest did a great job summarising her life and her whole family was there and we all cried when saying goodbye to her. Not a dry eye in the house when her best friend walked up and said 'Thank you for all the good times over the years'.

Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Tea is free in the office here, so is coffee and hot chocolate but I am a tea lady therefore I drink tea. I am somewhat overconsuming the stuff to compensate for the fact that next week I am back to paying 35p a cup (or 31 if I use my own cup). I like the Moroccan herbal tea, the Roobios Chai and the fairtrade Earl Grey. Nice triangular bags in some posh semi plastic sort of material. I have yet to try all the fruit varieties. I had no idea Swedes liked fruit tea so much. Or its just thrown in as a bonus to fill the shelves. I have so far saved £3 by being here.

Monday, 21 July 2008

So unfair

We didnt win! Its so unfair cause the other team were three (JD, EL and Jenny) while Team Blue was just me and Marcus... And the average drinks total across Team Blue was a lot higher than the average across Team Red.

Apart from this the weekend was great. Loved the cardamom buns from Olof Viktors and the cheeses (although Lilla Fastmon can be used as a weapon in biological warfare) from the delikatessen in Simrishamn. All in all a lovely weekend and I got a ring and a pair of earrings from Bulows jewellery (photo borrowed from the site) in Copenhagen, a late bday present. JD's favorite part was the visit to Carlsberg.

Wednesday, 16 July 2008

Fly, flyflyfly

Almost done packing. Am off to Copenhagen tomorrow to meet JD for a luuuuurve weekend. Well lurve Friday and then weekend with friends in Borrby.

Am not as bad as Barb, I have left the sink behind, and most of my shoes, and dresses. But am quite certain I am bringing more than JD who probably will turn up with a pair of pants (if I am lucky) and a toothbrush.

As I am in Sweden next week I am preparing the house; emptying the compost thingy, doing the washing up, made the guest bed for Justin, left a note for the cleaner, emptied the fridge. I am almost ready. Just a few hours of sleeping, working, flying and then I will get a cuddle.

Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Penis envy

JLJ wrote a funny blog about spam mails a while back but I cant find it. Anyway, every day I get cheered up by the inventiveness by the mail authors in coming up with titles that clearly (well all is relative) indicate the topic without being so clear that the email is stopped by the spam filter.
My current favorites are:

'Is your love stick as hard as stone?'
'Grow a horses tail'
'Reach deep into her hole'
'Make her scream in pleassure, everynight'

Sunday, 13 July 2008


Went camping this weekend with Heidi and some of her friends. I knew we'd be in caravans and expected it to be a site in a forest, a bit rustic and very rural and quiet. We arrived at 9ish on Friday night and it turned out I couldnt be more wrong. We parked up and walked up to the Entertainment Complex (oooooo) where the rest of the group were already, drinking away and watching the worst comedian ever to enter a stage (Tony Macaroni - if he ever appears near you I suggest escaping or quickly downing several shots to try and take the edge of). Tony was not just really bad but also offensive, covering fat, old, women, foreigners and children - there might have been some more groups covered as well but I managed to zone out after a few drinks. I successfully managed to catch up with the rest of the group so could happily join in the karaoke singing til the bar closed.

We had a lovely time on Saturday on the beach in Shanklin, the boys playing cricket and the girls relaxing in the sun and generally taking it easy. I was by then over the chav chock and quite enjoyed Sat night dinner and entertainment including seeing 4 from the group partaking in a competition where they (in pairs) had to pop balloons in 'funny' positions. At that time I must admit it was very funny, especially when Heidi got competetive and decided winning was more important that anything and just went for it. She and Andy won, 9 seconds. Next year they will try for the world record at 7 seconds.

Thursday, 10 July 2008

Go me

Earlier this year an email circulated at work encouraging us all to take part in a monthly 5k jog round Hove Park, £6 a pop, all to charity. I decided to take part but then found that I wasnt able to make the May or June dates so July 10th was my goal. I have since then been jogging a couple of times in the mornings but you know how it is with holidays, colds etc etc. Basically this morning I was not sure I would be able to do it. But I did! OK, it took me 40 min but I didnt stop to walk once! Go me. If I want more there seems to be lots of opportunities. I am thinking finish on a high...

Wednesday, 9 July 2008


...cleaner has been here today. The house is all tidy and clean.

Tuesday, 8 July 2008

Waitrose again

Todays bag of wonders contains pork loin steaks, fresh basil and salted almonds. Now what would Ainsley's team do with that I wonder.

Monday, 7 July 2008

Sucker for a deal

In the place I work there are not a lot to do at lunch. We have a Lidl, Waitrose, Iceland, Boots, Wilkinsons plus small stores most of which you wouldnt dare walk into in case you are transported to the village from The League of Gentlemen and never leave.

While I quite like all the shops the one I spend most time in is Waitrose. I think they get deliveries on Mondays and Wednesdays cause I can always find stuff on sale those days. Today was no exception so I got two Perfectly Ripe Avocados, some broccoli and Taleggio all on sale. Perfectly Ripe is the concept they use to sell us stuff that is actually the way all fruit and veg should always be sold, but this way they can charge extra for it. Its also always super packaged so I am feeling a bit guilty (A - I am sorry...). The two avocados were lovingly protected by a paper 'bath' and wrapped in plastic. But they were on sale! Rude not to.

And to make sure Mr Brown doesnt tell me off I promise to eat it all, except maybe the broccoli as I dont really like it.


Am never going to watch him again. Seems I bring bad luck.

Sunday, 6 July 2008


Am watching the tennis, I want Federer to win. Nadal is just a bit too good for my liking at the mo. JD and I watched Federed get beaten in Australian Open. We were in Bejing and we spent the afternoons that week thawing up in bed watching the tennis. We were thinking it might be us watching that causes Federed to be bad. I hope not as I am enjoying watching it.

Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Barb and I went shopping and then for dinner last night. I found a couple of nice dresses at Matalan and as its such a bargain bucket shop it only cost me £39. We then went next door to Bratano and they had massive signs saying buy one get one half price. I should have read the small print. After spending a good half hour trying on all the shoes I had selected two pairs. Paid up and was surprised to find the total quite high. When asking about the 1/2 price thingy was told it was only on sandals.

What I should have done was say - well then I dont want these shoes.

What I did do was say - ok, well thanks. And walked off.

I like my goldenish sandals from Clarks though. But the other pair will have to be inspected tonight and potentially brought back. Wonder if I can get 1/2 price on a pair of sandals if I bring them back and find another pair I like? Or do I have to return both, re-purchase the gold sandals plus another pair. Hmmm... Its worth £12.50 so worth considering.

Tuesday, 1 July 2008

Red field 2

Today in 1916 was the first day of the Battle of the Somme. Over 19,000 British soldiers died in just one day. I heard on the radio this morning that it was today it started but the timing is so linked to the flowering of the poppies that every year once the red fields start appearing the battle is remembered.

The red poppy is used for Remebrance day, not only because of the timing of the greatest casualty in British army history but also because apparently once the battle is over one of the first plants to grow on the ruined land is the poppy.

In Flanders fields the poppies blow
Between the crosses, row on row,
That mark our place; and in the sky
The larks, still bravely singing, fly
Scarce heard amid the guns below.

We are the dead.
Short days ago
We lived, felt dawn, saw sunset glow,
Loved, and were loved, and now we lie
In Flanders fields.

Take up our quarrel with the foe:
To you from failing hands we throw
The torch; be yours to hold it high.
If ye break faith with us who die
We shall not sleep, though poppies grow
In Flanders fields.
— John McCrae

Sunday, 29 June 2008

Summer read

Spent yesterday out the back with OK, Hello and books. And Jenny. And food. And wine. And tea.

I think you should all go out and get 'World War Z'. Its great. Am halfway through the book, EL bought it for me when she was over the other week and I am trying to ration my reading to make it last longer.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Highs and lows

Ah I have just been told that the luggage handling is delayed. I guess its because they had two flights landing at the same time and the morons at BAA are unable to plan, work at pace and probably all are on union enforced break.

At least I had time for another ice cream before leaving Rome, stracciatella and malaga (rum and raisin). And I got upgraded to business! First time ever. I celebrated with some New Zealand sauvignon blanc in a proper glass.
Will soon be off home I hope.

Thursday, 26 June 2008


Rome is lovely but a bit hot. 30 degrees at midnight last night. Am glad I am working in an air conditioned office. The Romans are cool though, all well dressed and with high heels, suits, ties and snazzy sunglasses.

Have done some sightseeing after work - walking down (via Bata and other shoe stores...) to Campo di Fiore then on to Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi and Spanish Steps. Its still way too hot for sighseeing but the considerate romans have left these handy little watering fountains along the way which is nice.

Last night after we missed the last train from Cinecitta (suburb where office is) we had to take the night bus into town as the taxi number I had been given didnt work. Well that was interesting. Once back we strolled down to Colosseum and Forum Romanum, looking lovely in the night. Slept like a baby after that walk.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Red field

The field by the A27 on way to work has just turned red with poppies. Lovely!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Midsummer pole

Originally uploaded by evafritz
JD made the may pole and raised it all by himself. With a bit of help from Jenny and admiring cheers from the rest of us.


My sister are raising a pair of chickens. They are lovely but such scaredy cats they refused to do most of the rides at Grona Lund yesterday. Karin did come with us on the new ride 'Witches broom' which was excellent but too short.

Does spinach make you brave as well as strong? If so I recommend a few kilos a week til next summer when we repeat the visit.

Thursday, 19 June 2008


Lidl is a great shop. In BH there is a large one across the road from the office. When I am bored at lunch I sometimes pop in to see what interesting stuff they are selling that week. And to buy dark chocolate. Their dark chocolate is excellent and cheap. Sometimes I dont go in but just check out next weeks items that they advertise outside, I once waited a whole week full of expectation when they advertised waffle maker to be in store next week. Unfortunately it turned out they had the wrong electicity plug so they were sent back, and I went home empty handed (apart from some vitamin c enriched gummy bears).

In Stockholm we used to work above a Coop, nice and steady time of place, good for lunch food. Now its a Lidl. Lunch food less nice but so much more exciting. Went in today and got some Ryvita copies, ready sliced gouda in an interesting pack and some 'saturday sausage' - never heard of before but looked nice and pink. And it was 30% reduced. I couldnt find the nice dark chocolate, but saw plently of locals perusing the interesting stuff for sale this week. For some reason they dont have the nice German mayo salads here in Sweden that they sell in the UK (and in Germany I assume). And neither do they have the wines here. Not necessarily a bad thing.


I know I am loved. I know this because of the number of people who like to plan things for me. I found this morning that my parents had planned for us to go visit my brothers summer house en route from ours. My sister had in the mean time planned to come to our summer house with kids to play with us. My aunt had planned to meet for a beer and a curry.

While all three sounds lovely I had planned to have a relaxing weekend at our friends summer house, returning to Stockholm early Sunday as I am off to the UK with the 7.05 plane Monday morning.

In the end I think what will happen is that my parents go to my brother and that my sister and kids meet us in Stockholm.

JD is also involved in all the above plans but unbeknownst to us all he was planning to watch some footie this weekend. He is now happy as the current plan does allow for this to happen.

Solution: I need to spend less time in Sweden as it makes me knackered.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

For LM

Originally uploaded by evafritz
We loved it.

Monday, 16 June 2008


Love love love Allison Moyet. Could listen to her all night. JD recognised 1 song, Marcus 3 songs but all agreed it didnt matter as the concert was great.

Saturday, 14 June 2008


Originally uploaded by evafritz
We loved it!

Here is a photo from day1, with leis and everything. We have surfed, kayaked and snorkled. On top of which we hobnobbed with the leaders and were generally sociable and made lots of new friends.

Back home now, tired but happy.

Monday, 2 June 2008

All good things come in threes

Was told by EL to do this so here goes:

Three names I respond to: Eva, vannen, Lotta/Karin/Tora (when mum cant remember by name)
Three things that frightens me: darkness, sea currents, an angry Lisa Marie
Three things I am wearing: diamond earrings from Vegas, Georg Jensen watch from next door to Dubliners, silver ring from Vadstena
Three truths: If its out of your hands dont worry about it. Reading is good for the soul. Working is mainly about socialising.
Three things I really want: Happy, healthy and free friends and family.

Passing the challenge on - A and B - give me some home truths!

JD and P

Originally uploaded by evafritz
Just found this photo from a few years ago and as JD is in Sweden I dont get to see him as much and it just made me look forward even more to my next visit.

And he does sooo suit distressed oat.

Friday, 30 May 2008


My grandmother passed away yesterday. Over the last year she seemed to grow more and more tired of living so it didnt come as a complete surprise. But it marks the passing of time so I wanted to celebrater her life with some of her sayings and doings.
  • I got two names from her - Eva Aurora.
  • She was a leo and maybe that explains her love of getting presents (even if it was 10 pairs of stockings infividually wrapped).
  • At the summerhouse she'd cook for an army, irrelevant of if we were 4 or 20 people there. All lovely food.
  • At Christmas she'd make me special food as I didnt like the Swedish Christmas fare - kaldolmar and flaskpannkaka.
  • For midsummer she and mum and Chris would make our midsummer wreaths, mainly with daisies that she really wasnt keen on.
  • Her favourite tree was the birch, so we had to save all the birches around the summer house.
  • She used to work as the kitchen manager at Danderyd's hospital and it was a treat for me and my sister to get to go to work with her, stir the massive pots, make 20 liters of dressing and help out in the washing up room.
  • She made my dresses when I left school and college, trying unsuccessfully to pass on her knowledge to me.
  • She was incredibly proud of all us grandkids and if watching us perform would (quite loudly) point out 'That is my grand child' to our horror and embarrassment.
  • She had a great set of pins which unfortunately were not inherited by mum or me and my sister.

Some mormor sayings - in Swedish and untranslatable:

(efter taklagsfest pa landet, morfar sager att de alla mar sa daligt pga all klorofyll i luften)
"Klorofyll? Snarare Fylloklor!"

Om vackra man:

"Med honom i sangen o en back ol skulle man inte vakna torstig."

Wednesday, 28 May 2008


What does a girl need when going to Maui?

Am thinking of packing soon...

3 bikinis
1 bathing suit
1 pair of shorts
2 dresses
1 skirt
1 pair high heeled shoes
1 pair sandals
4 tank tops
3 tshirts
1 sweater
1 pair linen trousers
pant and bras

Anything else I need? Travelling with handluggage only so cant bring too much. Just a few books and a comb, make up, toothbrush and sunnies. And a couple of handbags. Hmmm.... Wonder if it will all fit...

Sunday, 25 May 2008


Augusten Burroughs was fabulous, we could have listened to him all night. I bought Running with Scissors and got it signed. Am pleased. Didnt say anything clever to him, just thanks that was excellent. Cathy though asked a question, so I am quite impressed with her...

Barb also got her booked signed which is great as she now can stop regretting not stealing the signed copy of Dry from the library.

Brighton Festival

Brighton Festival is over today, I have done more this year than last which is good, but still not managed to get round any artists houses. Although that is probably good as we dont have any space for any more paintings.

Today we are going to see Augusten Burroughs, something we are quite excited by as we love Running with Scissors and his other books.

Yesterday we did the sewer tour (v good!), Friday Jarvis Cocker talking about songwriting and then a comedy show at the Udderbelly. Last week I went to the Embassy Court tour and then to a gypsy orchestra concert. Both great.

I am quite looking forward to spending the evening in my chair watching tv though. Feel like I have had too much good food, wine and company over the last couple of days so deserve a bit of mind numbing tv time. And a salad.

Friday, 23 May 2008

Heja Sverige

I got to vote yesterday so did the only patriotic thing really and voted for Sweden. Although she does look like a freak and I cant understand how anyone can choose to use make up the way she does. And I reccon without make up and if she ate something she would look less like a man in drag.

My favorite last night was Lithuania. The hair. The trousers. The wind machine. Lovely.

But overall favorite still Bosnia Herzegovina. Along with France.

Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Am not happy. Watching Semi Final one of two for Eurovision, assume so is the rest of the world? Anyway, I cant vote today!! Only allowed to vote for the second semi final on Thursday. Moping moping moping.

I wanted to vote for Dustin the Turkey. And for the interesting man from Bosnia-Herzegovina. And the nice man from Israel who was quite fit and had a wonderful voice.

But most were quite shit, as is customary in Eurovision. I think Belgium deserves a special mention. Along with with Azerbaijan.

I amwatching it on BBC3 with the singalong function activated so I have also been able to admire the innovative use of English. Its not always clear what they are trying to say, but hey form is always more important than content in Eurovision.

Best gimmick? Russia having an ice rink on stage along with the World Skating Champion. Weird and unfortunately not covering the fact that the man just cant sing that well.


Apparently it just looks like I wizzed off to Bahamas over the weekend and got a great tan. That is according to two men I work with who both thought it was a real tan. Havent asked any girls yet, but see it as a good sign that its not a complete obvious fake. But reccon men are unlikely to notice...

Monday, 19 May 2008


I have been spray painted. Its B's fault. She told me the beautician did a deal, two St Tropez sessions for £40 and I am such a sucker for a bargain. So I booked up and tonight I am sitting in my black stolen from Virgin pyjama and smell of self tanning lotion.

I am orangey-brown all over. I have dark brow streaks on my neck which I do hope will go away tomorrow when I shower (have to leave it for 8 hours before showering says the info note that I forgot to bring home). I am back for the second session next Thursday before going out with the book club. At least I will make them laugh and as its a gift to be able to make people laugh I should be greatful. But I am just orange and a bit worried.

Sunday, 18 May 2008


Whohooo! LM is back in the country and we had breakfast today at Carluccios. I reccon within 20 min she had realised why she left the country in the first place, she is just so easy to wind up that its hard not to...

Anyway, its nice to have her back as its a year since we held her leaving do at Hotel du Vin and Komedia, starting with some gambling on the pier of course.

She missed out on a great concert last night though. We saw (and danced to) a rumanian gypsy orchestra for two hours. I am in pain today but its worth it. Love, love, love it. And it reminded me of how much I love the Kusturica films and their soundtracks. Need to go buy some dvd and cds I think...

Wednesday, 14 May 2008


In the future I always want my eggs gently baked at 63 degrees centigrade for an hour.

Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Loong weekend

We had a long lovely weekend in Stockholm. Spent Thursday walking around trying to find an open museum to check out - no go. Dinner with parents at Snovit, what we in Sweden call a 'sylta'. Friday we did get into a museum, Historical Museum, and it was good but not super exciting (JD disagrees, he loved it). We went on an archipelago cruise with dinner in the evening which was v nice. All tourists.

Sat and Sun we were in Bredsand, did some gardening and shredding of branches with mum and dad's new toy. Sooo much fun... Now its back to reality and working again. Lunches booked out every day, trying to see as many friends as I can in a few days. Tomorrow night we are going to see the local football derby between Djurgarden and Hammarby. JD has decided he is a Hammarby fan. Good for him...

Saturday, 26 April 2008

Things that made me smile today

A cyclist with a backpack with a big plant sticking out of it, taking up half a lane.

Two kids walking behind their dad into Wickes, trying to look just like dad, hands in pockets and nonchalant facial expression.

Friday, 25 April 2008

Culling the rhubarb

Tracey Love and Lizzie are coming round for dinner tonight and I am looking forward to show off my new kitchen and any other changes made since they were round last.

I am making Thai Beef salad and then Rhubarb Fool for dessert, with the first crop of rhubarb from the garden. About time the rhubarb got 'culled' as its growing like weed and spreading out over other lovely flowers stunting their growth. So into our stomach it will go!

I am thinking red wine will be perfect with the Thai salad. Or rose. Or white. Hmmm.... am thirsty already.

Tuesday, 22 April 2008


With JD away I can give in to my urges to watch really bad tv. So I am now addicted to 'The Diets that Time Forgot' and I dont mind a bit of Great British Menu, Project Catwalk, American Idol, I'll do Anything, Britain's got Talent. I reccon I will need to go on a tv detox when JD moves back.

That random diet with maple syrup, water and cayenne - maybe its worth trying.

Oh no, am I getting brain washed by the crap shows?

Sunday, 20 April 2008


Johanna was down this weekend and we went round the second hand stores looking for chairs for the glass house. We found some straight away and bought them. But we decided to double check in the other stores just in case.

Today I have sanded down two of the chairs and painted them with primer / base coat. Photo evidence attached. I will sand the other two next weekend and maybe even gloss the first two....

Friday, 18 April 2008

Little Mint Green Box

Today I went to the post office and collected a parcel. Its been there for a week and the evidence that I buy too much on line came when the post master lit up when he saw me and said 'Oh, yes I saw your parcel and wondered when you'd be in.' No need for the card or for showing ID. I am personally making sure the Shoreham office stays in business, everyone in town should thank me.

Back to the parcel. I had no idea what it was so of course ripped it up as soon as I was done chatting to Mr Postman. I could feel a hard square box. Interesting... Then I could see the colour. Mint green. Could it be? No, must be some organic cleaning thing I bought and forgot about.

Turns out it IS a mint green box from Tiffanys, with a white silk ribbon around it. And a certificate telling me its not a cheap copy for Hong Kong. I love Lisa Marie. She is the best.

Thursday, 17 April 2008


Spring is well and truly here. The flowers are flowering. The rhubarb is growing so fast you can almost see it. The rose needs tying up again. Wee animals are superactive in the compost. Its freezing in the mornings and warm in the afternoon making it tricky to pick the right jacket. I have a cold that doesnt want to let go.

Friday, 11 April 2008


I love wine. I am just now sitting in my recliner chair sipping (well, gulping more like) Stoneleigh, nicely chilled.

A week ago I was as EL and J and had plenty of red wine (mmm) and then on Saturday had some very nice, but somewhat overpriced wine.

As I dont drink wine every day, only on weekends like a good Lutheran (well, semi good, I am still drinking) I feel this is not a bad thing. And I am saving the other half of the bottle for tomorrow. God bless you whoever you are who invented the screw cap.

Wednesday, 9 April 2008


I do like lists. And tests in womens magasines. Here is one from Anna

I am: happy to be back home
I am not: working hard
I like: that its spring here, I saw lots of primula veris (gullviva) along the road to work
I dont like: to cook for one
I want: to go home and read the last fantasy book in the trilogy that I'm reading
I dont want: to do the conference call I have in 10 min
I have: a lovely life
I dont have: a lot of problems
I know: that I have lots of exciting stuff ahead in April and May
I dont know: what time I am picking up Barbara for our shopping trip to Bluewater on Saturday