Friday, 10 October 2008


I am in Oslo visiting Gunnhild. Its autumnal, grey outside but all the trees have vibrant yellow leaves and some orangey red ones too. We have just had lunch with Alex, very civilised. I do find it amasing that I havent been able to meet up with him in Stockholm in the 7 months I have been visiting once a month but I go to Oslo for 3 days and he is here too.

JD will arrive tonight and tomorrow we are heading to the Kontiki museum and an outdoor area above the city, by Holmenkollen. All very civilised. But will probably ruin us as Norway quite expensive.

Sunday we travel home by train, 1st class!! Only because I booked them so so early that the price was just £30 each. It will take most of the day though as its the milk train. But I have a table cloth to embroider and 'The Truth' by Mr Pratchett on my ipod.

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