Thursday, 31 May 2007

Day before day off

I am not working tomorrow, therefore I am barely working today. I believe it is because my brain has decided its holiday already and is busy planning what I am doing tomorrow; getting train times to London, checking out how to walk from Victoria to London eye, walking from London eye to the Savoy, good meeting places for drinks in the evening etc etc.

And I got a new mobile phone this morning so a portion of my brain is busy working out how best to transfer all the pictures, videos and other bits from old to new. Its never as easy as I think it should be considering both phones are Sony Ericsson (at least a hint of Swedishness which makes my patriotic heart beat faster).

And JD just emailed about Sweden vs Northern Ireland at Rasunda in October and we might be able to get tickets, in which case I need to sort out flights home.

All the above a lot more interesting than working.

Wednesday, 30 May 2007


I have little to be guilty about compared to friends of mine with kids, they seem to have so much to be guilty about that they are almost giddy about it. Anyway, this is my guilt list currently:

I should have got my bike today. Its parked at the station since Friday when I rode it to go to the pub then got too drunk to be able to ride it back. It rained all weekend so didnt fancy walking to get it. And now its Wednesday and I am working late so deserve to go straight home and eat and watch telly and not walk into town to get bike...

I should have cancelled a hotel on time, but didnt so a late payment charge came through my expenses and I am now trying to get it covered without admitting its all my fault for being sloppy.

I shouldnt have eaten all that indian sweet I was given. Its about 50% ghee and 50% sugar, tastes divine, like sweetbread in taste but something light and fluffy almost like spun sugar in consistency. But I am working late and I did go to the gym so possibly I can have a little more.

I should have got more done today, but between meetings and emails and more meetings very little got done. And now its late and I cant be bothered, rather chat with my collegues, best conversations always takes place when most people at work have gone home.

I should call my friends more often, but I just forget. And besides they do too cause its not like I have lots of calls missed or messages on my voice mail...

I should have left Vodafone AAAGES ago, instead I stayed with them for 7 years getting more and more irate. Finally have done so and the poor man who called up to ask me why got an earful and I killed the messanger. Oops. But my new phone should be on its way (keep tracking it on DHL) - O2 here I come. I am your new cash cow. Start buying O2 shares now.

Thats it. Well apart from excersising too little, eating too much, drinking too much, not cleaning anywhere near as much as I should or the statistics on female cleaning claims, be nicer to more people. But those things are just the constant back-of-my-mind guilts I am used to ignoring.

House is quite clean as Jenny is coming to visit tomorrow! Yohoo, more over-eating and over-drinking for me.

Monday, 28 May 2007


Have sent an email to most of my friends telling them about this blog. Want an ego bost which is bound to come if I get any comments...

But where do you draw the line, who should it be sent to and who should be excluded from the list. While I want someone to read what I am writing do I really want collegues and my bosses to check it out? Not right now, so have only sent the link to a select few who are likely to be nice to me...


Its not been a great weekend weather wise. Today I had in my mind pictured how we would sit in the sun watching the cricket in Hove, eating and drinking. That was not to be, we woke up to a grey world. As JD was keen to see Ireland play we went to town anyway. We chatted with the stewards at the gate to find out what the chances were of the game being started, they said the game might be on if there were an hours break in the downpour. Stil hopeful we walked into Brighton and had Dim Sum at China Garden to pass the time. If I could only have three dishes from the Dim Sum menu it would be Char Sui bun, Turnip paste and Beef Cheung Fun. Give me one more item and I would add Egg custard buns, either the steamed or the deep fried, I dont mind...

Walking back to Hove two hours later the weather was still about as bad as earlier and we found out that the game had yet to start. As the sky was still grey we decided the game was likely to be called off completely. Now this made me quite happy as I by then was full, sleepy and freezing. So I almost skipped to the train station and onto the train for the 10 min journey home. Cricket really should only be played in full sun when its at least above 20 Celsius.

I have spent the afternoon lazying in sofa reading my friends blogs to catch up on what they are doing. Their lives are a bit more busy than mine, as they have two kids and are in the middle of buying / selling flats. Phew. Eva-Lotta mainly talks about books, food and being guilty about kids things, Johan talks about anything almost - reccon his employer should keep him more busy to keep his mind occupied a bit more....

I wonder if its time to attack the left overs the nice man packed up for us...