Wednesday, 23 July 2008


Tea is free in the office here, so is coffee and hot chocolate but I am a tea lady therefore I drink tea. I am somewhat overconsuming the stuff to compensate for the fact that next week I am back to paying 35p a cup (or 31 if I use my own cup). I like the Moroccan herbal tea, the Roobios Chai and the fairtrade Earl Grey. Nice triangular bags in some posh semi plastic sort of material. I have yet to try all the fruit varieties. I had no idea Swedes liked fruit tea so much. Or its just thrown in as a bonus to fill the shelves. I have so far saved £3 by being here.


Angela said...

Rooibos Chai AND saving money? Good times!

Evova said...

and they have proper cups and dishwashers that only run when full so i am full of environmental goodness over here