Saturday, 27 September 2008


Am back in civilisation after a week at the summer house. With no shower or bath facilities we did get quite mucky. But we had a dip in the lake mid week, v v cold, and I washed my hair with the hose once. But it was still bliss to stand under the hot shower this afternoon.

We borrowed a car from my sister, her mother in laws old car, it was quite fun to drive as long as I didnt have to stop by red lights or park in any tight spots. No power steering. But as its basically worthless the red lights issue resolved itself as everyone else got out of the way when I came along as their cars undoubtedly are worth more than Old Betty.


Barb said...

Clean and back in good old Blighty, does it get much better than that?

We still up for Lewes on Sat? I have a day off. Whoo hoo! There is a farmers market there in the am....and ofcourse, the antiques centre is awaiting our arrival....


Evova said...

SHOPPING! of course. see you sat, dear

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