Monday, 13 October 2008

Brown cheese and smelly fish

Oslo was lovely, we had a great weekend experiencing Oslo in the sunshine. We spent Saturday morning sightseeing and then went to the farmers market on Karl Johan to try out local specialities. I can confirm we like far i kal (lamb / cabbage stew) but not rakfisk (fermented herring). JD also got to try cloudberries (unimpressed), brown goats cheese (ok), local apples (lovely) and plums in vanilla sugar syrup (divine).

In the evening we tried out the local beer from the Oslo Microbrewery and I still only like pale tasteless lager (Oslo Pils) but JD loved loved loved their IPA.

We spent a lazy Sunday walking around on the Opera house as well as around the fort in the middle of town before getting on the train for the 7 hour journey home. Its nice to go by train. We had a lovely time. But the food on the Chinese trains are about 50 times better than on Swedish train, as is the service.

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fru A said...

så ni gillade får i kål? ni får komma och ha matlag med M!

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