Saturday, 27 September 2008


Am back in civilisation after a week at the summer house. With no shower or bath facilities we did get quite mucky. But we had a dip in the lake mid week, v v cold, and I washed my hair with the hose once. But it was still bliss to stand under the hot shower this afternoon.

We borrowed a car from my sister, her mother in laws old car, it was quite fun to drive as long as I didnt have to stop by red lights or park in any tight spots. No power steering. But as its basically worthless the red lights issue resolved itself as everyone else got out of the way when I came along as their cars undoubtedly are worth more than Old Betty.

Friday, 19 September 2008

Holiday! Celebrate!

Lalalala, I am on holiday as off now. Mentally I have been off since Thursday morning but I have tried to pay attention and deflect any queries onto my collegues today as well.

Now I shall go home, leave the laptop and then off to Carolschen for dinner. Tomorrow we pick up the car we are borrowing from my sister, then dinner with parents in the evening. On Monday (once Ryder cup is over) we go to the summer house to read, do nothing, walk in the woods and pick mushrooms. That should make us feel thoroughly relaxed I hope.

And if we get bored there is the moose park!

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

Autumn, cold and leftover food

Picture from
I have had a cold for two weeks. I know that cause I have had no energy to cook any food, I can stretch to heating in mirco wave but no further. But today I made a dish from left overs in the frigdge and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Take a butternut squash, halve it, drizzle oil on it and some salt/ pepper / thyme/rosemary and roast it for 40 min at 175. Fry some mushrooms in butter along with some finely cubed courgettes, cubed ham. Pile into and onto the roast squash and top with grated cheese and back in the oven for 10 min. Mmmm...
Next time I get a squash I am doing the koftas on the picture. Waitrose do good food.

Monday, 15 September 2008


I mowed the lawn, then JD raked it and recut it. It looks nice now.

I have won the BC books! Unfortunately I reccon they will turn up while I am away but am sure my nice friend Mr Postman will keep them safe for me.

I am going to bring some wool to the summer house, assuming I can get the knitting needles through customs...

And I am absolutely knackered after playing 27 holes of golf today. Am glad the weather was good, nice and warm and sunny.

Friday, 12 September 2008

Mrs C

I have just put a bid on some Barbara Cartland books on ebay. I think the world need more pink ladies with lapdogs. EL - you can read them next time you are here.

Thursday, 11 September 2008

Pratchett forever

I have a new mission, I might need to rope in the other Eva and Jenny to help out as they can knot too.

I want one of these:


JD is coming home for 48 hours this weekend. I have missed him and I am sure he has missed the house, and me. I have made a list of all we want and should do this weekend:

Cut lawn
Play golf
Go to pub with Justin
Have lunch somewhere nice
Go through all his stuff from his parents loft
JD to have hair cut
Discuss holiday
Discuss plans for christmas
See Hellboy
See our other friends
Have Sunday Roast

Am thinking if we manage even a third we should be happy. But probably knackered.

Wednesday, 10 September 2008


While I like the haircut I do wonder if she really believes Nigella will fit into her new limited edition dresses if they are only available in size 6-14.

Getting used to a face

Wouldnt it be boring if we all looked the same? I am sure that if given the choice most young girls would happily chose to look identical to one another, as long as they were pretty, I am sure I would have. But nowadays I am greatful for different looks as I am so useless at putting names to faces that if we looked any more alike I would be completely shafted.

Interesting article:

Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Something on the car door

When I came back from Stockholm the other week I found while I had been away someone had put something on my car door, drivers side, along the botton quarter of the window. It looked kind of reddish and must have been liquid to start with. The stain starts by the mirror, goes along the window onto the back window and there also down on the door a little.

It has rained a lot here lately so I was hoping it would just go away. It hasnt. I am hoping its not puke. I sit and look at it when I am in a queue thinking of scenarios as to how it ended up on my car. Maybe someone driving by in a car spraying my car with Heinz. Or being sick out of the bus window. Or someone very tall running past with a strawberry milkshake and losing their grip.

Monday, 8 September 2008


My feet hurt. I decided to wear a new pair of shoes to work, with a heel, reasoning that as I am in London today I will only walk from car to train, train to office and then back. Nothing basically. That was until I forgot to get off the train at East Croydon to change. So I had to take the underground from London Bridge across to Victoria. And at London Bridge you have to walk for a mile to get to the underground, then change as the Northern and Jubilee dont go to Victoria.

So by the time I got to the office not only had I lost any advantage I would have got by taking the 7.11 train rather than the direct 7.25 but I also know that I dont want to move all day as I feel like screaming each step I take.

Saturday, 6 September 2008


Its been raining a bit here over the last few days. Not as bad as in other parts of Britain but still more than I have seen for a while. So I shouldnt have been that surprised when I walked into the conservatory last night to find the whole floor wet and the rug completely soaked. I decided to ignore it and go to bed.

I told JD though so next week when he is back he can do the manly stuff of trying to sort it out.

Friday, 5 September 2008


I am picking the buggers, just not enjoying it.

Luckily most of the plants died when I was home in July and the summer heat made a rare appearance. The yellow ones are pear tomatoes. ALL are self seeded so I am sure I will have more next year. Bstrds.


At last, autumn is here and I can feel completely unabashed about wanting red wine, stews, reading all day, sitting indoors and generally being unsociable. Summer is nice for a while but I do get a bit tired of the white wine, rose, salads, grilled food, outside social events and the urge to wear open toed shoes and often too little clothes. I mean the office is the same temperature all year round so why should I be able to sit in a skirt and tank top just cause its warm outside. Not that this summer has been overly warm, but I am tired off it all the same. Tired of having to run outside and ENJOY the sun for the 5 minutes it decided to show up.

And definitely looking forward to the frost to kill of my garden. Everything grows so bloody well here. And gardening is dull after the first initial enthusiasm in spring when its a new thing, by now it has overstayed its welcome and should go back to being a place where I store the rubbish, bikes and the neighbours cat rules.

Thursday, 4 September 2008

Men planning v. 2

I got a text last night from my friend I met for dinner last week asking me if I fancied coming out on Saturday for a few drinks with her. It seems her boyfriend has not arranged anything for her birthday except for meeting his mates in the pub for the England game. Lets hope is has bought her an amasing birthday present.

Monday, 1 September 2008


I had the best crayfish I have ever tasted on Saturyday. I also had some horrid snaps and can confirm the best is still Loytens, fruity stuff just doesnt work with saltiness as well as cumin does.