Wednesday, 1 October 2008


Am getting into knitting. Got inspired just before my week off and got some wool and started on a tube in mohair, v easy but fun. Realised when done that its too itchy to wear so charity will probably get that one... Found a wool shop in Enkoping and got some more wool and made a shawl with it. Love wool shops in small towns. Amazing that they can stay open.

But anyway, as I a while back had a similar phase I have quite a lot of wool that I got off ebay so I am now looking for another project. Am thinking somethign relatively straight forward, nothing with sleeves but ideally something I can actually use. But needs to be an easy and forgiving pattern as I knit terribly unevenly.

Have decided on a vest. Will let you know how it goes.


Eva-L said...

I have a lovely neck thingy in cashmere that looks quite easy to knit, it's like a scarf but in one piece.
Or knit a hat. That's what I want to do, I'm even thinking of taking knitting classes as it's been so long since I knitted anything (9th grade).

Barb said...

I think a vest is a good idea, if it goes a little "arty" then you can always cut two extra holes in it and give it to someone who has a dog, they can use it as a coat. As long as the colours dont clash with the dogs fur?

Evova said...

Haha! I managed to crochet a lacey edge on the shawl yesterday so am quite chuffed! Vest likely to start tonight.

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