Tuesday, 20 May 2008


Am not happy. Watching Semi Final one of two for Eurovision, assume so is the rest of the world? Anyway, I cant vote today!! Only allowed to vote for the second semi final on Thursday. Moping moping moping.

I wanted to vote for Dustin the Turkey. And for the interesting man from Bosnia-Herzegovina. And the nice man from Israel who was quite fit and had a wonderful voice.

But most were quite shit, as is customary in Eurovision. I think Belgium deserves a special mention. Along with with Azerbaijan.

I amwatching it on BBC3 with the singalong function activated so I have also been able to admire the innovative use of English. Its not always clear what they are trying to say, but hey form is always more important than content in Eurovision.

Best gimmick? Russia having an ice rink on stage along with the World Skating Champion. Weird and unfortunately not covering the fact that the man just cant sing that well.


Barb said...

ok, so let me get this straight, you are coloured orange, singalonging to eurotrah, sorry, meant eurovision. Did you have a velour track suit on?


Evova said...

in pink stripy jimjams