Sunday, 23 November 2008

Bless the weather

Its cold and wet outside and I am indoors finishing the Stephanie Meyer series EL tipped me off on a few weeks back. I was supposed to read the first three books slowly over the next few weeks and then borrow EL's copy of the 4th. But of course that didnt work. Read book one last week, book two on Friday, book three yesterday and book four (which I bought yesterday) today.

I was planning to get some bulbs and plant out this weekend but its raining so I am not going to be able to. Aaaah, what a shame...

At least I have done most of my Christmas shopping. Met B in town yesterday and sorted out a few more presents, in between lunch at MoshiMoshi, free chocolate from Hotel Chocolate and Montezuma and general catching up.


Angela said...

MONTEZUMA! Yowza! Just when I had managed to forget!

Evova said...

sorry... and i dont know anyone going to phoenix soon otherwise i could have sent some along to you