Thursday, 31 December 2009


We went sightseeing today! So nice to have someone to go with.

We went to New Haven and visited the place where the hamburger was invented (alledgedly).

After queuing for 30 min we got inside, after another 40 min we had a burger each and a small pot of potato salad.

The place is called Louis' Lunch and cooks burgers 'standing' on their side, kind of steamed. Between two slices of bread. No sauce. And seriously annoyed if you ask for ketchup. Well worth a visit!

Tuesday, 29 December 2009


Another busy year! We started of slowly, going on a cruise around the Caribbean and then visiting Edinburgh with the parents and Barcelona on our own (freezing but empty of tourists!), oh and a visit to Stockholm.

JD mooched around the house and was busy building lego and playing golf until he got himself a job in London by end of spring. About the same time I applied and got a job in the US and the calm was suddenly over - we got busy applying for visas, got almost married, got married, visited the new home town and packed up the house. The move happened early August, I moved to US and JD to East Croydon, not quite the same.

Starting a new job is always stressful and this one was no exception. Being on my own didnt help but slowly but surely I found my feet. JD came and visited and loved it. Poor man had to go back to his dull job and dull living accomodation. I went to Phoenix and to UK and to Sweden. And then it was Christmas and now JD is finally here.

My word for 2010 is 'everyday' / 'vardag'. What is yours?

Husband here

He is sleeping and snoring in the bedroom. Very nice. About time really!

Wednesday, 23 December 2009


I love glogg. Its Swedish gluwein, sweeter than the German version and with vodka or cognac a bit more potent. Mmmm.... So since early December I have made my own and given away, drunk at least a bottle of this years special brew from Blossa (white glogg with tangerines) and also been treated to a glogg tasting at EL's and Johan's - the best was the chocolate glogg closely followed by the one with cognac.

December isnt over yet so I am sure I will have more glogg today, tomorrow and then more.

Monday, 21 December 2009

Late flights and lots of snow

Am in Sweden and its lovely and white outside. Perfectly Chistmassy! JD had problems getting here due to snow in the UK and also had problems leaving for the same reason, but while here he thoroughly enjoyed the cold (-17) and snow as well as walking on the frozen lake by the summer house.

I left him at the air port and went to visit sister and the kids and dogs. A treat was sleeping with the wee one behind my legs tonight. She looks like a seal and moves like a ferret!

Tuesday, 15 December 2009


And my first Christmas present from JD arrived - he has passed the driving test so he now has a drivers license!
I am flying to Stockholm on Thu night so will see this beautiful view on Saturday when we go to the summar house. Love winter.

Monday, 14 December 2009

Jul, jul, stralande jul!

Am slowly getting in the Christmas spirit. Havent done a lot of decorating at home, just a few vital bits like my tree (made by Jo and Chris last year) and my Lisa Larson pig.

But this Sunday I made an effort and made glogg and lussebullar. So my team got some presents today! I would have liked to bring in warm glogg and served but in this oh so PC world that is not allowed. Luckily the brew filled 2 large and 1 small bottles + one glass for me. I am saving that one for tonight.

Friday, 11 December 2009


Woke up at 4.30 when the fire alarm went off in the whole building. Staggered out of bed, didnt smell any smoke so took a few minutes to drag on trousers, a fleece and the jacket. Grabbed bag and walked out. The coldest day of the year. Nice. So -5 and on top of that windchill making it feel about -10.

God Bless America! Jumped in the car, heated seating, and went to StopNSHop. Open 24hrs a day. So at 5 AM its me and the staff. Strolled around and got some xmas presents. And a toothbrush, mascara, deodorant and a brush. Just in case. Drove back to apartment but firetrucks still there and alarm sounding still (5.30) so then decided to go to work.

I can see the apartment from the office so had a cup of tea, chatted to JD and mum and saw the sun rise. At 7.30 the fire trucks still outside flashing. As I didnt have a bra on (well I did leave the flat in a hurry!) and I was in my jimjam top I had to nip across to Target (waiting impatiently outside their doors til they opened) to do some necessary shopping.

The fire trucks left at just before 9 but by then I had meetings. So now got home and still cant feel any smoke smell so not sure if it was a real alarm or just a fake one. Just hope I get a whole nights sleep tonite...

The ghost of the MMR jab 'research'

Interesting reading. It would seem that we are all easily swayed by not completely reliable data. So if offered the jab, take it.

Favorite colours

I love red. And lately I quite like purple. So now my favorite colour combination is red and purple. So pretty.

Tomorrow I will wear my red corduroy skirt with a purple top and a red sweater. Oh and purple tights. I shall stop traffic I reccon.

Sunday, 6 December 2009

Made it!

Whohoo! Yes I passed my test and have a US license now. A is right, it is surprisingly easy but I am not complaining.

Winter has arrived here. Snow yesterday and minus degrees today. But as its December I guess that is all right. So I ordered cardamom, saffron, cloves, ginger and cinnamon bark today from the Spice House. Fingers crossed it will arrive early next week so I can make glogg and saffron buns.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009


So parents went home yesterday, their flight was on time and they had good seats. We had a great time so I think they will be back.

So today was first proper day back in the office. A looong day. Just 3 more then weekend. Of which one is a half day as I have to go and have my driving test. Fingers crossed I pass it so I can have my US license and not have to visit the DMV again in a loong time.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Walk in the sun

One last walk in the park with JD before he headed back to the Old Country. He will be back at end of December, so just a few more weeks.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving!

We're having a great time cooking all the Thanksgiving food. Its almost done, we are having a rest before finishing the last items. So after some tooing and froing the menu is:

Bacon wrapped dates
Sausage meat meatballs

Lemon, garlic and herb marinated turkey breast
Green Bean casserole
Roasted sweet potatoes with maple syrup
Hot sausage meat stuffing
Cranberry sauce

Pecan-Pumpkin pie
Apple pie
Home made vanilla ice cream

Monday, 23 November 2009

New York, New York

2 days, 4 meals, 1 night. Two very tired but happy parents.

Staying at the Waldorf, we walked almost everywhere. Started with the UN building, then quick lunch and a surprisingly empty Empire State. We spotted an interesting building with an ice rink a few blocks away so found it by Bryants Park - where we stopped for a glass of wine and a well deserved rest. Dinner at River Cafe - what a view!

Today we went to Ground Zero, Century21 (its cold, so got mum a throw) and walking along Battery Park. The queue to the Liberty Island ferry was AMAZING so we veered left and checked out Wall Street instead. Then rounded it off with a visit to Rockefeller centre and lunch at Grand Central. Dad now asleep and mum resting in the sofa.

Sunday, 22 November 2009

By the beach

wishing it was still nice and warm. But its nice with sunshine and I do quite like autumn and having proper shoes and being allowed and able to cover up a bit more.

Friday, 20 November 2009

Monday, 16 November 2009

Sunday, 15 November 2009


My parents are coming over to visit. They land Friday and staying a week, over Thanksgiving. So I have decided we will spend Thanksgiving day cooking the food, drinking wine/beer and having the Macy's parade on tv in the background.

I got myself a beautiful pie dish at Williams and Sonoma along with Pecan-Pumpkin butter to use for the filling. Will get dad to cut out the acorn and leaves to decorate the top.

The main will be brined Turkey breast, they sell organic free range dito at Whole Foods. And sides I am thinking normal mash, sweet potatoe casserole with marshmallows and cranberry sauce. I think we will also have to cook green bean casserole even if it sounds the weirdest dish ever - I mean green beans with mushroom soup and ready friend onions on top? But when in Rome.

Friday, 13 November 2009


No cooking for me on Thu night as I went out with a friend and tried the local Spanish tapas bar. It was surpisingly good and shame on me for thinking Septics wouldnt know how to cook tapas. Good wine too. And sangria. Out again tonite but probably for more drinking rather than eating. Does it count that someone else cooked for me? At least it wasnt microwaved.

Thursday, 12 November 2009


Cooking for one is dull so I have become Queen of Lean Cuisine. Not good. But handy. Ideally accompanied by diet pop. Double bad. But convenient. My favorite is Swedish Meatballs.

This week I am back from travelling and travelling and travelling so decided to go for a new start. So Monday night visited Whole Foods and got veggies, fresh eggs and fresh crab cakes. While crab cakes just need heating they are lovely. Today I cooked scrambled eggs with chopped tomatoes and avocado on the side. Mmm. Lets hope I can keep it up.

Monday, 9 November 2009


Just back from a long day of flying. Its not fun at the best of times and when you get delays it sucks a bit more. But I made it home in the end so that is the main thing. But while queueing to get to the gate (not even boarding, pls note) a lot of people were incredibly impatient, trying to squeeze past or trying to hurry the staff up. Not clever. And so pointless. We still had to sit and wait another 20 min by the gate so what use is getting into the room 30 seconds earlier?

Thursday, 5 November 2009

American Beauty

This summer in Stamford they had statues almost in every corner, something that apparently happens every year for a few months. Not sure what happens with the statues afterwards but am sure they are sold off for a vast amount of money to people who have grown to love them. I would like to have bought several of them. There was a hippo in rusted iron in one corner. A moose made of scrap metal with a lovely soft nose. A snail looking thing made from a giant chain like you have on your bike - it was called 'The missing link' - ah - must have been a link chain?

Such a great idea. Think more cities should get local artists to display their arts in unused street corners. It really cheered me up walking around and suddenly finding a dragon fly on a wall.

Phoenix nights

I had a great time visiting A. She got me echinacea tincture to cure my oncoming cold and sorted me out with special high vitamin C tea and also made me a fantastic face wash oil with lots of good stuff to make me more gorgeous (hard to imagine, i know).

We spend a lot of time in her yard drinking beer and nattering, it was a relaxing weekend which is just what I needed mid travel. In her garden she has a pomegranate tree and a grape fruit tree and a pecan nut tree. How unfair is that? I love the idea of going out picking your breakfast grape fruit in your yard. Hmfp.

I am now in Sweden, its snowing and cold. And dark at 3. Strange. Funeral went very well and while it was sad to say goodbye we know she had a long and good life which is comforting.

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Small bag

I got a sports car as my rental car when I arrived last night. Not sure why, have decided it must be cause I was the only person with a small enough bag to be able to fit into the boot. The windows are incredibly small and I sit so low I can just about see over the steering wheel. But it goes fast I think, I wouldnt drive faster than 60mph of course.

It was cold today so even if I knew how to get the roof down I wouldnt have wanted to. But tempted to try and work it out tomorrow.

Tuesday, 27 October 2009


I am sad. I just found out a collegue of mine died last night in complications from the flu. He was a great guy, a very nice man and we will miss him a lot. I first met him when he trained me in Phoenix a few years ago. To keep us awake and alert he would ask quiz questions in the middle of the class - like 'What is Big Ben?'

I last met him a couple of months ago when he was here in Stamford for the day. We had lunch and he told funny stories of how it was living in Utah and also gave me lots of ideas for things to see, places to visit. He was so alive and energetic. I cant believe he is no longer with us.

Sunday, 25 October 2009


Ah its a busy month but its good that even though I am having extremely busy weeks ahead that doesnt stop me going full speed on the weekends and loving it.

So Friday night - wine and dinner with B and B.

Saturday - collected EL and J at JFK then took them to the best places in town (eeerh, not: Taco Bell and Stop&Shop) before they crashed to bed.

Sunday - NY visit: Mama Mexico (mmm best guacamole I've ever had, and J had an amaaaazing mojito) then a visit to Whitney museum and stroll down to Alice Tea Cup II where I had the most amazing Lavender Earl Grey and we all overate on mint oreo cupcake, pumpkin scone and cookies. Staggered from there down to the station and got on the train home. Lost my parking ticket and the car. Found the car after walking around for 15 min but not the ticket, so had to pay extra to get let out. Phew. Now in recliner and am knackered. Good thing I have a flight to Phx on Tue to catch up on sleep on.

Thursday, 22 October 2009


I should exercise more.
I should work more efficiently.
I should eat less crap.
I should tidy more.
I should watch less tv
I should get out more.
I should walk to work.

Oh fuck it. Will just have a bit more chocolate and continue watching TV. Maybe tomorrow.

Tuesday, 20 October 2009


JD got a lot of mopey emails from me so to cheer me up he sent me flowers. How nice is that? Reminds me why I married him.

Monday, 19 October 2009


Just back from a week in the UK. It was great to see everyone and also good to not be here as 1/2 the office were ill. But lo and behold, I land and now I have a cold. Not sure where it came from but have decided to work from home to not spread the germs around. Fingers crossed it will go away soon. Am self medicating with cinnamon rolls from a bake off tube - loooove America.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009


My grandmother (dad's mum) passed away on Sunday night, all very peacefully in her sleep with my dad, mum and aunt by her side.

Granny was a fiercly independant woman who I was quite afraid of as a kid but grew to appreciate all the more the older I got. She was a great story teller and I will quite often re-tell one of her stories or quote her to friends. She had lots of stories to tell us and I regret not asking more questions, like how it was to get a divorce in the early 50's and moving to Thailand leaving the kids behind and the background to the summer house neighbours' nicknames (The Arsonist, Slips-Nisse, The Grave Digger).

Like my other granny she cooked great food but unlike mum's mum the portion sizes were significantly smaller. As kids we would stop on the way to visit her to have a burger as my parents knew her lunch would be very meager. But she made the best pannbiff (kinda like meatballs but in patties and with onion in the mix) in the world.

Ask me for a story next time we meet - I have loads that I do remember and need the practise so one day I can be as good a story teller. I'll tell you over a glass of wine on the veranda.

Friday, 9 October 2009


Whohoo! Passed the driving theory test this morning. So one step closer to having a US drivers license. Actual drive test not until early Dec. I can practise until then.

Saturday, 3 October 2009

Busy busy

Quite busy at work but that is all good so nothing to worry about. More importantly busy times ahead in regards to my 'real' life outside work. So today and tomorrow I am taking it easy, tidying the apartment, talking to B, chatting with J. Tonight seeing Rufus Wainwright and the tomorrow I am thinking its time for a pedicure - blue nails this time me thinks.

Next week am off to UK - fly out Fri night and then spending weekend and Mikey & Tracey before spending Monday with B and then week with JD (oh and working). Weekend nr 2 Jenny and Jenny are coming over from Sweden so we are booked into a hotel in London and have tickets to see Wicked and lunch booked at Wild Honey and tickets to the Wallace & Gromit exhibition at Science museum.

Weekend after that EL and J comes over! Then I go to Phoenix to work for a few days before spending halloween with A. October is full of great stuff! I can rest in November, oh and at work of course.

Friday, 2 October 2009

Sunday, 27 September 2009

New desk!

I took JD to my favorite store today: United House Wrecking. I had checked out two potential desks and he swiftly decided one was a nono so I bough the other one. Its small and brown and made of reclaimed wood. I think its very pretty. I hid all the ugly routers and cables and stuff in a nice red box from IKEA (oh took JD there as well today, but we both love IKEA). You can see it to the right of the desk on the floor. I just tried out the desk with the chair I was planning to use and realized its waaay too high. So might have to ask dad to cut the legs off a bit. Or just get an actual office chair to use with it.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Loved River Cafe, the food was lovely and the view was spectacular. JD's favorite was the Brooklyn Bridge chocolate cake. Its pretty, I agree, but not a patch on the amazing Maryland Crabcake I had for my main. Mmmm...

We also had time to check out Central park (big) and Guggenheim (white) and Russian Tea Rooms (red and overpriced). Oh and we stayed in a hotel down by the UN so a gazzillion security men in the lobby, all streets around the hotel full of police and no cars allowed making taking a cab back a bit trixy. We have walked a lot.


We saw Kristina - a concert version of the musical the ABBA guys wrote a few years back. It was amazing. So, so, so good. Standing ovations mid way and at the end. And Benny and Bjorn were there! Funny to see them in the flesh. The guy who played Robert was veeery good and Helena Sjoholm was excellent. Tears running down my face when she sang 'You have to be there'.

Luckily JD had googled the storyline before hand and thoroughly enjoyed it too. And as we had spent the morning in Battery park listening to the New Yorkers chatting that song was extra special.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Settling in

Exciting things this week:
  1. Found a yoga place I like - tried two classes so far and definitely returning.
  2. Realized I can answer questions at work, not just stare panic stricken like I did a few weeks ago.
  3. I am planning my first US weekend with US friends!
  4. JD is coming tomorrow for a second visit and for a few days we will have a normal life.
  5. I am watching Strictly Come Dancing Friday and Saturday night and Dancing with the Stars Monday and Tuesday night.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Autumn is here at last! The leaves have started to turn so New England should soon be at its prettiest.

A friend and I went to a clam bake on Thu night to Sheffield island and had some fab, fab food. Loved the local lobster, dipping the meat in melted butter while protected by a giant bib. Photos are from the island.

Today I went to my first yoga class here in the US. It was tough but fun. So fingers crossed I will make it out of bed tomorrow and back to the class on Tue night.

Autumn is great for so many reasons, the leaves being just one. Another is that red wine is what I fancy when the autumn chills set in. Ideally served with a nice stew. And also that autumn is the time to start new things. Must hark back to the whole 'starting school' routine we went through for so many years. Autumn is when I miss Uppsala and our life there, being a student, sitting at OG drinking red wine with friends and then being able to crawl across the yard back to the dorm. I dont miss being skint, studying or hangovers. My memory skips those bits.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Me - the guinea pig

I got lots of stuff delivered today but by far the most exciting was two shampoo bars and an eye cream from A. So I am officially a guinea pig. Am very, very excited. Will test the eye thing tonight and shampoo tomorrow.

I also got a firewall which after an hour I got to work with the wireless router. Phew. And JD's bday present got delivered. EL - if he finishes building it before you arrive I think he will be ok with your rebuilding it all over (and I will have a reason to tear it down - we had the eiffel tower up for months...) And the last thing was a book, might be a late night tonight.

Did I mention I am cat sitting by the way? A very gorgeous 7 year old very red cat called Simba. He is as sociable as a dog so I like him. Oh and I went to a clam bake and had locally caught clams, mussels and lobster. Delicious.

Monday, 14 September 2009

JD's bday

I have got JD a present. It was his bday last week and he didnt want anything so he didnt get a present on the day but then I found this and decided it was perfect!

We go to the fair!

Saturday I went to an art fair here in Stamford, actually in true American style I drove to it, 3 blocks. Anyway, it was enjoyable and I got some crimbo pressies and saw a lot of what I would class as bored housewifes taking up beading. But there were some great stuff too including an artist who makes graphic prints with great titles like a picture of a girl with a pile of stones next to her called "She threw stones at anyone who questioned her infinitie wisdom". I am not allowed to buy any more art for me and JD but I might have to make an exception.

In the evening I went to the Norwalk Oyster Festival which was a fun fair / food fair and it was fun! I had to show ID to get a beer! And I had soft shelled crab inna bun. Mmmm.... And funnel cake. And knackwurst with potato cake and apple sauce. Felt a bit sick at the end of it but it was worth it. And in the dark night the fun fair lights were just so so pretty. Couldnt find any oysters but hey I can have oysters any day, deep fried brown food is a treat!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Training update

Day 1 went fine, mainly thanks to my co-host who was a lot more calm and collected than me. I also had brought bribes (cookies and mini-muffins) so that helped a bit as well. The fact that our overall leader came in and 'helped' in the middle might not have helped us as such but did cause a welcome diversion when I was able to read up on the slides ahead.

Two more days. Two more co-hosts to work with. By Tuesday night I shall crack open the vino and celebrate it being over for this time. Next training session I am going to suggest we dont hold til December or January. I need a break.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Am leading training today. Its on a topic I work with everyday so to be honest I should know what to say and not be nervous but I am. I was so shaky this morning I had to read straight from the slides as everytime I tried to just talk freely I lost the plot.

I have a collegue supporting me and he is great, comes across confident, in control and generally as if he knows what he is doing. I am more the bumbling fool. Fingers crossed the team wont hold it against me as on a 121 basis I would happily walk them through the training. Just stuggling in front of the class.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


JD loved the apartment and approved of Stamford and CT. So now just a few weeks until he is back for a second visit and two months until he moves over.

Friday we drover around CT and tested some local wine (erm fruit wine is not our cup of tea) and found a great farmers market in Monroe where we bought flowers, vegetables and lovely bread and happy pig sausages.

Saturday took JD to the mall (he likes) and introduced him to Beth and Bonnie. Dinner at Jean-Louise in Greenwich which was v v nice.

Today we took the train into NY and spent the day strolling around Central Park and along checked out 5th Avenue.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


93 boxes has arrived and been unpacked. I have managed to get all books into the book cases and most of the kitchen into the right cupboards. I hid all DVDs and tools and stuff in the kitchen sofa. Unfortunately there is a giant pile of stuff to deal with on the floor in the spare bedroom and on the bed in the main bedroom. I can ignore the spare bedroom, just shut the door and pretend its not there, but I have to deal with the stuff on the bed. Booooring.

Will go and buy some platic boxes to chuck it all in. I am still hoping the tidying up fairy will turn up and with her magic wand just sort it all out.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My car

Its pretty, silver and very clever. So clever I reccon I wont be able to use it properly. But I should be able to drive it.

Monday, 31 August 2009


It was so much fun! I had several (ok lots) of amazing cocktails made with vodka, crushed cucumber and ginger beer. And some food.

We saw all the players on the 17th green and then on the 18th tee. I got the whole box to should 'Heja Freddie' when Freddie Jacobsen came up the fairway (but he didnt hear). We then spent 1 1/2 hr getting from the golf course just across the water to Manhattan where we had dinner in a small italian restaurant. Back home and in bed just after midnight, tired and a bit sunburnt.

Saturday, 29 August 2009


We are a Skype family. Mainly my fault as I moved and havent got a proper phone. But I like it! Especially as we can chat over Skype, not just actually talk to each other.

Have just arranged for the parents to come and see me in November, all agreed over Skype chat. V handy.

Skyping on Saturday mornings will become a regular feature I think. Also went to the farmers market and got locally grown yellow plums, tomatoes, dill and basil. Need to get some mozzarella and dinner all sorted. Also got a fruit tart from the Nun (snigger) for dessert.


I am going to the golf on Sunday! Taking the train and boat so we can have a drink. Apparently mobile phones are not allowed so I wont be able to send smug texts.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Less Hopeful

Delivery not possible til Wednesday next week. Booo...

Got my ID so fingers crossed will be able to get my car paperwork going tomorrow so I can collect it Monday. Spent 4 hrs getting that ID today, queuing, waiting, queuing, grovelling to the staff. They managed to lose my form but somehow in the ended well. Not looking forward to going back in a few months to get the actual US license (of course after taking 8 hrs of mandatory theory lessons + theory test + drive test). Whohoo. Something to took forward to this autumn.


Am hoping to get our stuff this weekend, was told yesterday it has passed through customs and is on its way to the storage depot. So the depot owners should be calling me any time now to arrange the delivery. I was hoping they would call today but nope so far.

Tomorrow I am off to secure the last bit (I hope) of admin to get my car. I am hoping I will be able to collect it on Monday. JD arrives next Thursday and it would be nice to have a bed by then as well as a car to pick him up in.

Will be very nice to have a bed. While I love this sofa bed I kind of miss having a bed and a separate sofa. Dont miss a lot of the other stuff so am a bit worried about what I will do with it all. Am thinking just stuffing it all in JD's wardrobe is a good idea...

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Met Trevor for brunch in NY today, v civilised. I had much too much food, but who can resist a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes, hash? Well I cant. We then took a long walk in Central Park to walk off some of the calories, a thoroughly enjoyable day out. On the way back I found a store in Grand Central Station that I last saw in Paris, when visiting Jenny in Nov 2008. Its called Pylones and JD got himself a stabbed man knife holder there. This time I got a present for mum when she visits next. Gold and with magnolias on it. Will be perfect for when she takes a break on the balcony.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Garage sale

Went with a collegue today who wanted company collecting some stuff she'd bought on Craigslist and when we arrived it turned out the seller was having a garage sale so I picked up a pretty glass pitcher and a table. Table to be used as a desk when I am working from home, so will go in the spare bedroom once I actually have enough stuff to have furniture in more than one room.


I have it. Its in the fridge. I am a happy bunny.

Found energy to walk 10 steps

Friday, 21 August 2009


I got four boxes delivered today, my air freight. Couldnt remember what I had packed but it turned out to be my golf clubs, all my shoes (incl a lot of winter dito), bedding and loads of CDs / DVDs. Its now spread out all over the living room so its a mess, but hey I still have one room with a router in it and one room with a suit case in it so if I want to feel minimalist I just walk into another room.

Yesterday we had a team build at work, v nice and I even had a few beers after work with the group. Mmmm beer... Today I applied for a social security number (collecting it Monday) and it was soooo hot walking to work. This evening I had to stay and work late as suddenly we had a thunder storm. Cleared the air so I liked walking home afterwards. I cant be bothered walking over to the kitchen to get my handbag so photos from team do will be uploaded later or tomorrow...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Getting post

I love getting post. Not bills or random pizza delivery stuff. Proper post. Today I got three bits! Not one, not two but three! A parcel from sister with with Not-Creme and tulips, one with a loong letter from LM and then a beautiful in green flocks wrapping paper wrapped pressie. Am very pleased with the day.

And to top it all off my collegue C turned up and we had a great time, got lots done and some work too. She took me shopping so I am now skint but will be well dressed in the coming weeks.

I need to get my butt over to the post office tomorrow to get some stamps so I can respond in style.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Farmers market

Turns out that each Saturday there is a farmers market here, selling local produce. Whohoo! So got some tomatoes, peaches, cucumber, lettuce and light green peppers. Am thinking salads to go with the frozen food I shall be eating while waiting for my cook ware to arrive. Bought a pot and a small pan (and a knife and a cutting board - Target-tastic) so I can at least boil and egg and some water for tea, am still in two minds about the kettle. And havent made it to Williams & Sonoma yet, the farmers market derailed me.

Cant find a place to buy wine either! Was really looking forward to a glass of chilled white wine tonite but it looks not to be. Ho hum. Ice tea not quite the same.

Friday, 14 August 2009


One week on and I have an apartment with a sofa bed, tv and internet. Whohoo! Am just running a wash and will soon take the rubbish out for the first time. Then walk back to hotel for one last night before checking out tomorrow. Will spend some quality time shopping tomorrow. My sweet mother is trying to send me money (wedding present!) if I can just give her the details, but I am a bit slow, but I can still spend the money, right? Am thinking a candy apple red Kitchen Aid. And a new kettle. Do I go for the snazzy red Kitchen aid one you have to put on the hob, or a plain electric one? Choices, choice. 

Went to Target yesterday (reccon B is right, will be able to make my way round it blindfolded soon) and got all the basics so I can live here. Plus some not so basic but nice to have. Like bamboo organic bedding. And a pretty white cotton throw. Offsetting bog rolls, cleaning stuff, one plate, one cup, some cheap cutlery and food. Not all frivolous stuff.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Big pink bag

Its giant. Needed to ship remaining stuff from over here to over there. Cheapest bag I could find as someone just nabbed the one I had spotted in the charity shop. On a positive, I will never struggle to spot it on the conveyor belt.

Cat spent all morning asleep, ignoring food we offered, then went out and somehow managed to catch a bird (stupid bird) and brought it inside. Of course the little fckr didnt kill it but just left it on the floor. JD had to take a spade and kill it. I refused to look. We cannot have cats. Little bastards they are.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Leaving do

Had Leaving do nr 2 last night in a pub in the Hill. Glorious location. But had a great time and just the right people turn up! So lots of people I like and noone I dont.

Still not feeling like this is for real so wonder when its going to hit me, suspect maybe next week or so. Tomorrow packing the suitcases, Sunday flying out. Hoping to move in next week, have ordered (cancelled and re-ordered) sofa bed. Got internet and tv installation booked. Need to pick up keyes and hope its as nice as I remember it.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Food for friends

I made Lemon Posset with Jo this weekend. Soooo good. I had it at St John's on Monday where JD and I had lunch after our visa interview. I love that restaurant and so now does JD. I had the bone marrow again, then lamb sweetbread and lemon posset for dessert. JD had spleen then cured fried tongue (mmm with beetroots) and baked chocolate mousse for dessert. We could barely walk afterwards, so so full.
Anyway, lemon posset is super simple to make:
250ml double cream
150ml sugar
Mix and boil for 3 min. Set aside for 10 to cool a bit.
Add in juice of 2 lemons, and pour into whatever you want to serve in. We added some raspberries as well cause it was pretty and taste nice. Cill for 2-3 hours and then enjoy.
If you dont love sour then maybe have less lemon. But I say embrace the sour! I am planning to make this for my first guests who are coming to see me!

Cats dont like me

Am not keen on cats and they not keen on me. Prefer a nice dog you can bribe to love you with a couple of well placed sausages.

Have now in 3 days managed to displace 3 cats, stealing their bed for the night and thereby making them annoyed. A lot of cat stares received. Silently sitting and staring at me when coming and going.

H's cat is kind of sociable so she might get over it once she realizes I will be in charge of feeding her Fri-Sun but Jo's cats were not amused. Although the grey one did let JD pat her for about 30 seconds.

Cat bed stealing will be over by Sunday when I leave for the country of everything big and plastic.

Thursday, 30 July 2009

from the floor

the house is emtpy. i have nothing to sit on but broadband and phone still works.

one more tip run is needed as some more junk appeared from behind doors.

the house is tidyish, not superclean but passable.

a neighbour turned up asking if we had any electronics we needed to give away, that phase being completed the answer was now. he then moved on to talking about his import / export business and could i help him from the us. no. and what star sign was i? he a pisces so therefore blabla blablabla. got rid of him in the end.

two more conference calls to do from the floor, then i am off. bye bye house.

Wednesday, 29 July 2009

White giants

The house is spooky tonight. Every room is filled with giant white boxes, everything is wrapped up except the bed and the stuff we need for the coming week. 

I hadn't realised they would go through each drawer and take out the items and put in boxes. The man who did our bedroom kept coming in asking if this or that should be packed, luckily all he found was wallets and glasses. I think.

Tomorrow its all shipped. Fingers crossed BT leaves the internet and phone on til Friday as I need to work all day. Sitting on the floor with the laptop and phone. I can pretend I am a hippy office worker.

They have also packed my vacuum cleaner so there is limited amounts of tidying I can do. Am collaring the largest dust dogs and releasing them into the wild.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009


Visa - tick!

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Maybe I should...: eat more veg.
I love...: JD, sleeping, reading, eating and being with friends.
People would say that I'm...: sociable but I often am just the opposite.
I don't understand...: why this move is taking so long
When I wake up in the morning...: I am normally up and atom.
Life is full of...: friends
My past is...: what made me who I am
I wish...: I was naturally sporty
Tomorrow...: we spend the day in London, fingers crossed the Septics like us.
I have low tolerance...: for time wasting, unorganised events and queueing.
I am totally terrified of...: spiders and the dark.
If I had a million dollars...: I would buy the summer house and do it up with mum and dad. And pay of our mortgage. Tell Halifax to go stuff it.
I am...: tired.
My home is...: only mine for another 4 nights.
My best friend...: will be far away when I move.
My parents taught me...: most things I know.
Every day...: I read.
My life...: is good.
If I found out my ex was gay...: I would laugh. 
Boys are...: nice but strange.
Girls are...: nice but can also be strange.
I hate people who...: annoy me. Although I quite like being righteously annoyed so maybe I dont hate them that much.
Last November...: JD lived in Sweden and I was over to visit for a week.
Hickory Dickory Dock...: no idea.
The best invention ever...: books
I love it when...: its raining so I have to stay in and read.
Sometimes I...: read Barbara Cartland.
I work...: quite hard, sometimes, but not too hard. Its just work.
God...: knows
Jesus...: glows
Buddha...: throws
My dream last night...: was drunken
My first thought waking up...: need water
Today I ate...: Double cheese burger, small fries, coke zero, pringles. One of those days.
Sometimes I swear...: quite often.
As a child, I...: used to share room with my sister.
The world could do with less...: religion

Done. Now you do.

Friday, 24 July 2009

Packing angst

We are not quite there yet. Tomorrow morning the spare bed should go into the loft, golf clubs get cleaned, packing of stuff for coming 6 weeks happen, sign tenancy agreement, confirm all papers in order for visa interview Monday, pack off plants to Hils, bottles to Just, last box of CDs into garage.

I am starting to get that worried feeling in my tummy, both for visa and packing. Oh and Halifax are messing us around on the mortgage side, keep changing their mind on what we need to do. Not what I need right now. Am going to leave Halifax as soon as I can. Useless.

Wednesday, 22 July 2009


Am fine. Turns out I was feeling iffy probably because the air con on Mondays is useless, after being off all weekend its always strange on Mondays so the whole office went around feeling on the verge of illness.

Am off home today! Whohoo! Leaving bags here, just bringing home my new laptop (looove) and what I am wearing. Nice travelling light.

Monday, 20 July 2009

Feeling iffy

I am not feeling great all of a sudden and now I feeling worse. It could be because I have spent 15 min reading up on swineflu. Or because I just ate a bag of M&Ms (I thought the sugar might perk me up). Or it could be to give me a reason to go straight to the hotel after work to read. Which I doubt cause I was going to do that anyway.

I wish I had my lemsip stash here though. I normally have some of the lemon lemsip pulver you mix with hot water and drink, in my office drawer, but that is in the UK and not here. Oh and how should I have written that sentence to not make it sound like I drink hot water from my office drawer?

Sunday, 19 July 2009


HBO showed Mama Mia tonight. I do like that film. Meryl Streep is always good and somehow makes the songs a bit more alive than the two A's. This is my favorite: Slipping through my fingers. Makes me all weepy. In a good way.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Sales pitch

I got a mac book today. I love it. I brought it back to the hotel, opened it up and voila I was on line.

Its what should happen whenever you buy anything but normally you end up spending at least a couple of hours charging, setting up, loading software etc etc. Then possibly you can actually use the thing.

Am now sitting here, listening to Terry and loading my photos while waiting for someone to log onto Skype so I can chat to them. 

Thursday, 16 July 2009


I work and sleep. Dont do a lot more. Hoping for nice weather over weekend so I can try and find the beach (again).

Am reading The End of Mr Y as I loved her PopCo book. This one is a bit hard to get into but I shall persist. Am also reading High Fidelity as its just a nice book. And listening to a CJ Sansom book which is a great background book to listen to I am finding. That is all my brain can take after working all day.

Friday, 10 July 2009

No books

I have run out of books. My own fault for reading all I had and not going to book club for a while. So this morning I was thinking about going to Waterstones for a top up when I saw my favorite actor (well second favorite after Jim Broadbent) Bill Nighy on tv promoting Oxfams book stores. So I popped in on the way back from lunching with Bard (oh so civilized, will miss our Fridays) and got myself four books:

The Sex Life of my Aunt by Mavis Cheeks (well it looked like an easy read for a plane journey)
The End of Mister Y by Scarlett Thomas (I have just finished Pop Co by her and loved it)
High Fidelity by Nick Hornby (as I need a comfort read for Stamford)
All My Friends are Superheroes by Andrew Kaufman (just loved both title and cover)

Now just need to not read all over the weekend...

Wednesday, 8 July 2009

House work

I am slowly trying to empty our house. Certain items have disappeared. The upstairs tv and digi box. Two bags of booze handed over to my boss. A paitning, some material and wine waiting in the back of my car for my friend Louise to come back from holiday. Today our shoe cupboard was handed over to some man sent by his wife to pick up to store his smelly shoes in. Tomorrow I hope someone will come and pick up a bed side table and a sack of cables (all of course in a mess as cables have a life of their own and expertly intertwine as if by magic).

I am thinking microwave to go next. And some more clothes. Then B has promised to take dining table and chairs, and washing machine. And the main tv will go to the same family who picked up nr 1 (they have four kids who all want to watch tv / play computer games.) By end of month we should have a more compact home to move. But we still have absolute tons of stuff. I want to have a Muji house in white and no stuff. That is never going to happen.

5 hrs

til episode 3. Am looking forward to it. In the mean time I try and focus on the conference calls I have back to back all evening. Whohoo...

Monday, 6 July 2009

Episode 2 tomorrow at 9

cant wait


Bliss. A whole week of Torchwood.
Captain Jack Harkness. Yum.

Picture from

Saturday, 4 July 2009


4-10th July - sorting, packing stuff into piles for Air / Ship freight
11th July - leaving do, Hove Lawns / The Sussex (if it rains)
12th July - be hungover
13th July - fly to US for a week and a bit
14-22nd July - work in Stamford
23rd-26th July - pack the last stuff (in a panic I suspect)
27th July - Visa interview with Embassy, am already nervous
29-30th July - moving men arriving, packing our stuff and taking it all away
31st July - we hand over our keys to the tennants and drive to Jo and Chris with the car
1st-15th?? Aug - working here while waiting for news on visa, living at Heidi's first and then moving to Abby's where JD will be a tennant for a few months.

Somewhere in the middle of that we need to freecycle two tv's, a washing machine, a tumble dryer and get a table, some chairs and gardening furniture over to B & S. I get tired just thinking about it. At least the garden is tidy thanks to mum and dad working hard in the heat earlier this week.


We are trying to sort through all our stuff to identify what to bring, charity shop or store. Going through the rooms we live in has been fine, we have weeded out some books and clothes and shoes and given to charity but overall didnt find anything surprising.
Going through the loft we discovered a few things we "lost" in the last move but going through the garage has been the most intreresting. So so much stuff is now being taken to the tip / charity shops that really should never have been moved here in the first place 3 years ago.

Moving is hard work, but on a positive we will have somewhat less stuff by the time we arrice in the US. But I am sure I can rectify that with some shopping once there.

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tanned and relaxed

After a weeks holiday driving around Cornwall, Dorset, Devon, Wiltshire, Somerset etc I am thoroughly relaxed and quite tanned. Love swimming in the salty sea. Not so keen on the pebble beaches round here, preferred the long sandy beaches of Devon and Corwall. But hey ho just being off has been lovely.

Photos on flickr.

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Moving panic

Wedding - tick

House on market to rent - tick

Listed what to move - tick

Moving survey - tick (we have 800 cubic feet of stuff and are allowed 1000 cubic feet)

Confirmed temporary UK accomodation for early Aug - tick

Agreed with Jo and Chris sale of car - tick

Got US bank account set up - tick

Visa? Not yet... Interview at embassy on 27th July. Til then we continue going through our stuff and taking bags and bags to the charity shop. And hope it all goes well on the day this time.

Sunday, 21 June 2009

Monday, 15 June 2009


Photos: Birch dessert to the left and a floral snack below.

To celebrate J & M's 5th Wedding Anniversary we went to Noma in Copenhagen. The food was very nice! But I think I prefer Mathias Dahlgren.

The best dish was pork loin covered in crushed crunchy pork rind, a bit like pork fish fingers. After that it was a close contest between one of the pre-meal snacks and one of the fish dishes; chicken skin sandwich (OMG I want more!) with cream cheese and caviar filling and the razor clam served in a tube of parsley jelly with horsradish granita and a beautiful chicken stock.

Main let down - desserts were a bit weird. One was birch sap meringue with birch sap sorbet and the other was a fromage topped with rosehip 'crunch' served with beetroot sorbet. Just give me a danish or some chocolate next time...

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Getting married

So we decided to get married, JD needs to marry me to get the right type of visa. We decided that rather than just going to the registrar in the UK we would get married in Copenhagen as we were going there anyway in early June.

Administration / Documentation: OMG so much paper work needed just to get married. Wish we had decided on Vegas. With 1 day to go we still havnt got a confirmation that all the relevant information had been received, and to be fair we were only able to send the final bits a week before the date due to the 3 week wait time for JD's Certificate of no impediment. The Swedish Embassy in London sorted that out for me in 2 days.

Accomodation: Due to a conference in Copenhagen all hotels were fully booked up to the Friday, so we were booked into a B&B (a room in someone's flat). I finally found free rooms yesterday and have booked us in, our B&B room will be used by JD's friends who havent been able to find rooms either.

Lunch / Dinner: Our original reason to go to Copenhagen was to go to Noma with J, K, J and M. So I had booked us up for lunch. As we expanded the guest list a little I tried getting Noma to squeeze us all in but no go. Instead we are splitting up for lunch and will then meet back with the others at Tivoli in the afternoon. And dinner booked at Nimb inside Tivoli in the evening for the whole group.

Guests: Well, we weren't going to tell anyone but then I realised I wanted photos so told J & K so they could bring camera. Then JD mentioned it to his brother who talked to JD's two best friends. I then decided that if JD could have his brother along I wanted my sister - and then along came also her daughters and my parents. So we went from 4 guests to 12. But still v small.
Clothes: Heidi helped me pick out a dress. We spent a day trying on dresses and I am greatful I live in a country that likes cocktail dresses. JD decided to just wear one of the suits he had made in Hong Kong.

Rings: I wanted a ring in the same style as the silver ring JD got me in Copenhagen last year, and as she does an 18ct version I ordered that one. For JD we decided to take my great granddads old wedding ring which I got when I was confirmed (so made smaller for me at 16) - this needed extending and as 23ct which is very rare the extention was done in white gold. A small bit of the 23ct gold was added to a white gold band that was made for me as my second ring. (OK so my sister thinks this is cheating as we didnt get engaged. But I wanted two rings, so lets say we got engaged the night before. Humour me.) When I went to pick up the rings yesterday it turned out the re-work hadnt even started due to a date mix up. Panic. But the nice jewellers promised to get cracking immediately and I went back at 5 last night and they were done.

We dont know if we will be married tomorrow as we havent had confirmation on the paperwork being in order, but I have decided to be cool about it all in worst case we can always go back next weekend just over the day or something. But that will hopefully not be the case, instead I hope to share nice photos early next week.

Honeymoon: well none right now. We will take some time when we are both in the US, I am thinking a road trip as I like the idea of seeing a bit more of the country.


Am home. Flight was fine and had the one spare seat of the whole flight next to me. Forgot laptop in restaurant at airport but rememberd when I was about to strap myself in, so ran off plane and back and luckily got it back.

Tired and hungry today. Was supposed to go straight on diet after two weeks of eating too much but guess it will have to wait. Its good to be home though.

Monday, 8 June 2009

Lazy days

Westchester mall was very nice. Large. EL will like it. B would love it. I found it a bit intimidating but made my way around most of it before heading back to the hotel to catch the late sunshine by the pool. Had sushi for lunch and dinner.
I have read quite a few books in the days I have been here, I really should have got a Barnes & Noble card the first day as I am a steady customer. Will need to visit before I head back on Wednesday so I have something to read on the plane...

I went to dinner with a collegue who flew in today from the UK, we have some big meetings next week. Its sooo nice to have company! I took him to this restaurant I had seen in Norwalk and we had some lovely food - scallops, prawns, clams and chip and corn on the cob. Finishing with a slice of cheesecake. Yum. Great restaurant that I look forward to coming back to, spending some hours sitting in the dockside bar drinking beer I think. Maybe not bring the car...

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Dinner in NY

The plan was to work from the NY office yesterday, leave early and maybe go to a museum or so before meeting Amina and Katarina for dinner. But that plan was scuppered by meetings and more meetings, so I worked in Stamford til 4.30 then ran to the train and made it to the restaurant just in time for dinner.

It was lovely seeing some friends, everyone is very nice here but its not quite the same as being with friends. So we had a great dinner and then went to a pub across the street from their hotel. It served Magners so I felt quite at home.

On the train home I met a little old lady who had left her note book in her club and was fretting about this. Luckily a nice (and very handsome) man lent her his mobile so she could call and ask them to keep it for her. Highly amusing.

Today I am lazying in the hotelroom, planning to get some pampering done this morning and then do some driving around to improve my local knowledge. I am determined to try and find the beach so that is goal nr 1. And then possibly the Westchester mall.

Sunday, 31 May 2009

Local food

I had Long Island Oysters as a starter this evening. Very nice.


I still havent found the beach. Tried this morning but as my gps doesnt have a category for beach I had to rely on my map reading and that didnt work, unsurprisingly. I was close, I kept seeing glimpses of water in between the beautiful houses I drove past. But no actual beech.

So I went to Norwalk where I by chance spotted that there was a boat trip to a near by island at a couple of times a day (Sheffield Island). We barely made a large enough group but that was probably for the best as it made it a very peaceful trip. The island has an old light house on it, very quaint. It was incredibly restful to lie in the shade under a tree looking out over the water. I chatted a little to the others on the trip, two hungarians (I said my one word in hungarian: bor) and a british family with one nice child and one suuuper whingy crying child that luckily fell asleep after an hour or so.

On the way to and from the island we got to see some fantastic sea front villas that made me green with house envy. Apart from the cleaning and gardening and them being very large and dark at night.