Saturday, 4 October 2008


Went to Lewes with B today. Shopping in all the antique stores, farmers market and the cheese shop. I got no antiques, some bread and game steaks at the farmers market but it was the cheese shop that got most of my money.

I am having a Ploughmans lunch for dinner. I have some brie de meaux, some stinking bishop and this fanstastically strong blue cheese (cabrale). And a little chicken liver pate.

Walking around town we kept wondering why everyone was smelling so badly, and it turned out it was we that were the smelly ones. B thought she might have an old used baby diaper stuck to her jacket, but it was just the cheese.

And I reccon if you have flatulence problems and a date coming for dinner your best bet is just getting some stinking bishop to cover any embarassing smells.

Red wine and cheese is perfect for a windy night.

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