Sunday, 27 September 2009

New desk!

I took JD to my favorite store today: United House Wrecking. I had checked out two potential desks and he swiftly decided one was a nono so I bough the other one. Its small and brown and made of reclaimed wood. I think its very pretty. I hid all the ugly routers and cables and stuff in a nice red box from IKEA (oh took JD there as well today, but we both love IKEA). You can see it to the right of the desk on the floor. I just tried out the desk with the chair I was planning to use and realized its waaay too high. So might have to ask dad to cut the legs off a bit. Or just get an actual office chair to use with it.

Saturday, 26 September 2009


Loved River Cafe, the food was lovely and the view was spectacular. JD's favorite was the Brooklyn Bridge chocolate cake. Its pretty, I agree, but not a patch on the amazing Maryland Crabcake I had for my main. Mmmm...

We also had time to check out Central park (big) and Guggenheim (white) and Russian Tea Rooms (red and overpriced). Oh and we stayed in a hotel down by the UN so a gazzillion security men in the lobby, all streets around the hotel full of police and no cars allowed making taking a cab back a bit trixy. We have walked a lot.


We saw Kristina - a concert version of the musical the ABBA guys wrote a few years back. It was amazing. So, so, so good. Standing ovations mid way and at the end. And Benny and Bjorn were there! Funny to see them in the flesh. The guy who played Robert was veeery good and Helena Sjoholm was excellent. Tears running down my face when she sang 'You have to be there'.

Luckily JD had googled the storyline before hand and thoroughly enjoyed it too. And as we had spent the morning in Battery park listening to the New Yorkers chatting that song was extra special.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Settling in

Exciting things this week:
  1. Found a yoga place I like - tried two classes so far and definitely returning.
  2. Realized I can answer questions at work, not just stare panic stricken like I did a few weeks ago.
  3. I am planning my first US weekend with US friends!
  4. JD is coming tomorrow for a second visit and for a few days we will have a normal life.
  5. I am watching Strictly Come Dancing Friday and Saturday night and Dancing with the Stars Monday and Tuesday night.

Sunday, 20 September 2009


Autumn is here at last! The leaves have started to turn so New England should soon be at its prettiest.

A friend and I went to a clam bake on Thu night to Sheffield island and had some fab, fab food. Loved the local lobster, dipping the meat in melted butter while protected by a giant bib. Photos are from the island.

Today I went to my first yoga class here in the US. It was tough but fun. So fingers crossed I will make it out of bed tomorrow and back to the class on Tue night.

Autumn is great for so many reasons, the leaves being just one. Another is that red wine is what I fancy when the autumn chills set in. Ideally served with a nice stew. And also that autumn is the time to start new things. Must hark back to the whole 'starting school' routine we went through for so many years. Autumn is when I miss Uppsala and our life there, being a student, sitting at OG drinking red wine with friends and then being able to crawl across the yard back to the dorm. I dont miss being skint, studying or hangovers. My memory skips those bits.

Friday, 18 September 2009

Me - the guinea pig

I got lots of stuff delivered today but by far the most exciting was two shampoo bars and an eye cream from A. So I am officially a guinea pig. Am very, very excited. Will test the eye thing tonight and shampoo tomorrow.

I also got a firewall which after an hour I got to work with the wireless router. Phew. And JD's bday present got delivered. EL - if he finishes building it before you arrive I think he will be ok with your rebuilding it all over (and I will have a reason to tear it down - we had the eiffel tower up for months...) And the last thing was a book, might be a late night tonight.

Did I mention I am cat sitting by the way? A very gorgeous 7 year old very red cat called Simba. He is as sociable as a dog so I like him. Oh and I went to a clam bake and had locally caught clams, mussels and lobster. Delicious.

Monday, 14 September 2009

JD's bday

I have got JD a present. It was his bday last week and he didnt want anything so he didnt get a present on the day but then I found this and decided it was perfect!

We go to the fair!

Saturday I went to an art fair here in Stamford, actually in true American style I drove to it, 3 blocks. Anyway, it was enjoyable and I got some crimbo pressies and saw a lot of what I would class as bored housewifes taking up beading. But there were some great stuff too including an artist who makes graphic prints with great titles like a picture of a girl with a pile of stones next to her called "She threw stones at anyone who questioned her infinitie wisdom". I am not allowed to buy any more art for me and JD but I might have to make an exception.

In the evening I went to the Norwalk Oyster Festival which was a fun fair / food fair and it was fun! I had to show ID to get a beer! And I had soft shelled crab inna bun. Mmmm.... And funnel cake. And knackwurst with potato cake and apple sauce. Felt a bit sick at the end of it but it was worth it. And in the dark night the fun fair lights were just so so pretty. Couldnt find any oysters but hey I can have oysters any day, deep fried brown food is a treat!

Thursday, 10 September 2009

Training update

Day 1 went fine, mainly thanks to my co-host who was a lot more calm and collected than me. I also had brought bribes (cookies and mini-muffins) so that helped a bit as well. The fact that our overall leader came in and 'helped' in the middle might not have helped us as such but did cause a welcome diversion when I was able to read up on the slides ahead.

Two more days. Two more co-hosts to work with. By Tuesday night I shall crack open the vino and celebrate it being over for this time. Next training session I am going to suggest we dont hold til December or January. I need a break.

Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Am leading training today. Its on a topic I work with everyday so to be honest I should know what to say and not be nervous but I am. I was so shaky this morning I had to read straight from the slides as everytime I tried to just talk freely I lost the plot.

I have a collegue supporting me and he is great, comes across confident, in control and generally as if he knows what he is doing. I am more the bumbling fool. Fingers crossed the team wont hold it against me as on a 121 basis I would happily walk them through the training. Just stuggling in front of the class.

Sunday, 6 September 2009


JD loved the apartment and approved of Stamford and CT. So now just a few weeks until he is back for a second visit and two months until he moves over.

Friday we drover around CT and tested some local wine (erm fruit wine is not our cup of tea) and found a great farmers market in Monroe where we bought flowers, vegetables and lovely bread and happy pig sausages.

Saturday took JD to the mall (he likes) and introduced him to Beth and Bonnie. Dinner at Jean-Louise in Greenwich which was v v nice.

Today we took the train into NY and spent the day strolling around Central Park and along checked out 5th Avenue.

Saturday, 5 September 2009

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


93 boxes has arrived and been unpacked. I have managed to get all books into the book cases and most of the kitchen into the right cupboards. I hid all DVDs and tools and stuff in the kitchen sofa. Unfortunately there is a giant pile of stuff to deal with on the floor in the spare bedroom and on the bed in the main bedroom. I can ignore the spare bedroom, just shut the door and pretend its not there, but I have to deal with the stuff on the bed. Booooring.

Will go and buy some platic boxes to chuck it all in. I am still hoping the tidying up fairy will turn up and with her magic wand just sort it all out.

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

My car

Its pretty, silver and very clever. So clever I reccon I wont be able to use it properly. But I should be able to drive it.
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