Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Penis envy

JLJ wrote a funny blog about spam mails a while back but I cant find it. Anyway, every day I get cheered up by the inventiveness by the mail authors in coming up with titles that clearly (well all is relative) indicate the topic without being so clear that the email is stopped by the spam filter.
My current favorites are:

From comemail@go2pivot.com:
'Is your love stick as hard as stone?'
From consuelo-naphtho@natmedia.com:
'Grow a horses tail'
From oregency1974@bovislendlease.com:
'Reach deep into her hole'
From faithbotbyl@captiveair.com:
'Make her scream in pleassure, everynight'

1 comment:

fru A said...

grow a horses tail!?! hoho :)