Monday, 21 July 2008

So unfair

We didnt win! Its so unfair cause the other team were three (JD, EL and Jenny) while Team Blue was just me and Marcus... And the average drinks total across Team Blue was a lot higher than the average across Team Red.

Apart from this the weekend was great. Loved the cardamom buns from Olof Viktors and the cheeses (although Lilla Fastmon can be used as a weapon in biological warfare) from the delikatessen in Simrishamn. All in all a lovely weekend and I got a ring and a pair of earrings from Bulows jewellery (photo borrowed from the site) in Copenhagen, a late bday present. JD's favorite part was the visit to Carlsberg.


fru A said...

vann inte vad? såg precis att du ringt, jag har haft telefonen långt ner i väskan och varit ute en del... på återhörande! vi lämnar landet imorgon fm.

Evova said...

johans musiktavling. ganska nara var det dock, vi forlorade bara med nagra poang vill jag poangtera (haha)

Eva-L said...

Jon överraskade faktiskt, han var bäst av oss tre.

Barb said...

Wow, you will be literally dripping in diamonds. Surely you will need a large jewelry case for soon?

have to give it to you, you have excellent taste!

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