Wednesday, 28 May 2008


What does a girl need when going to Maui?

Am thinking of packing soon...

3 bikinis
1 bathing suit
1 pair of shorts
2 dresses
1 skirt
1 pair high heeled shoes
1 pair sandals
4 tank tops
3 tshirts
1 sweater
1 pair linen trousers
pant and bras

Anything else I need? Travelling with handluggage only so cant bring too much. Just a few books and a comb, make up, toothbrush and sunnies. And a couple of handbags. Hmmm.... Wonder if it will all fit...


Angela said...

That's the nice thing about packing for the beach. It all takes up so little space! And now that Gatwick lets you do the 2 pieces of luggage thing, you can even CARRY one of the handbags!

Barb said...

would pack a sarong if you can and obligatory Elvis songs. I am expert at sitting on suitcases if they need flattening...xxxx

Evova said...

Barb - might have to get you over for an emergency bag flattening excersise next Friday...

Angela - its a luxury problem isnt it? We're flying from Heathrow terminal 5 so am sure there will be some 'challenges' to our departure. Deffo not sending luggage through though.

Barb said...


am happy to help flatten bags. I may have to have lots of chocolate to bulk up before the occasion, just to ensure more pressure!