Thursday, 27 January 2011

Another Year

We saw 'Another Year' last night. I love Jim Broadbent so it was my choice. JD thought it was depressing and boring beyond belief. I thought it was sad but good, with some scenes that were very British and made me a little homesick.

Tonight we are waiting for the snow with bated breath. We had snow during the day and more is supposed to come through the night. We have learned a new word: Thundersnow. The news channels are incredibly excited about the weather and not talking about anything else. Its a good thing the weather keeps them busy I guess.

Monday, 24 January 2011


We will sleep well (again) tonight after two days of skiing up in Farmington. We are slowly getting better so that is a positive! Its freezing outside (-10 when we set off on the trail this morning) but luckily its such hard work to ski that we didn't notice. Lovely and sunny day in the forest and we even saw deer! JD dropped his poles and grabbed the camera so we got a couple of nice shots. Very picturesque.

Wednesday, 19 January 2011

True Grit

First film of the year, we have been a bit slack lately, and we went and saw True Grit. It was very good, preferred it to the old version except that it had John Wayne in it and he is always great. Good start to the film year!

And on that note - Golden Globes. Oh dear. Gervais was the best bit of the evening. Tim Allen and Tom Hanks trying to be funny was amusing in a way that unfunny things are sometimes. Looking forward to the Baftas, I miss Stephen Fry as presenter but Wossy will have to do. And no nominations for Burlesque or The Tourist.

Tuesday, 18 January 2011

Sleeping well

We had a cross country skiing lesson on Saturday at Winding trails - it was great. So much more pleasant than downhill as the legs are not locked in those horrid boots.

Anyway, we had such a good time we went back again today (its Martin Luther King day so we are off) and had another lovely day in the sun. We will sleep well tonight. Skiing is tiring. The plan is to go back on Saturday, assuming I am able to get out of bed tomorrow.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011


It is supposed to snow all night. It started about an hour ago with small flakes slowly drifting down. Its now big flakes and we can barely see the other side of the road. Am glad I am in a warm bed tonight.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

Fishy part 2

So last week was all about fish and we will continue this week is the plan. We mixed up a few days so skipped scallop linguine (as I forgot to defrost the wee buggers) and instead had teryaki prawns with brown rice. Friday night (due to snow - about 10 cm - but an excuse to not leave the house) we had fish tacos with tilapia and moved the Sushi pizza to Sat night. Pizza was not as amazing as at Mercer Kitchen but it was nice and we have some ideas on how to improve...

Today we went to IKEA to get a shoe rack, which we didnt get but we did have meatballs (mmm, diverting from fishiness for Swedish goodness). Tonight we are making a lasagna lookalike dish - but with sliced butternut squash instead of the lasagna pasta - spinach, onion, mushroom and garlic stuffing. Mmmm very very very nice.

Monday - Pan fried flounder with potatoes and lemon mayo
Tuesday - Popcorn and True Grit
Wednesday - Fish Stew
Thursday - Shrimp curry
Friday - Moules Mariniere (or dinner in NYC if A has time!)

Wednesday, 5 January 2011

Made in Dagenham

We opted for Made in Dagenham. Good film! Good girls.

Tuesday, 4 January 2011


New year and we have decided to eat more fish this year. Well, I have decided and JD agreed; as I do most of the cooking. So freezer is full of lovely seafood and fish from Whole Foods. Here is this weeks menu:

Mon - Miso Glazed Cod with watercress, avocado and fennel salad
Tue - Popcorn (True Grit or Made in Dagenham - will see which one we fancy tomorrow)
Thu - Linguine with scallops (I think I will add capers as well)
Sun - Scrambled eggs with prawns and tomatoes
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