Tuesday, 1 May 2012

Classical night

Oh lovely! Classical night, starting with Joshua Bell playing (I had such a crush on him when I was 14, he was cuter then, as was I actually).

Catherine seem to have taken the classical term very seriously, dressing up as a Greek goddess. Although I think her braid has been sewn onto the dress. Mark says 'you can't spell classical without ass'. I suspect that will set the tone for their rumba. WEIRD to see the dancing with the music. I guess they are good, I am just very distracted by the beautiful string music in the background. Len likes that it was not raunchy, Bruno wanted more raunch. 9 x 3.

Melissa up next. Maks is injured so his brother is helping with training, but on the night Maks is back dressed like Blackadder, but not as nice and friendly. Oh, the judges hate the dance, I was busy wondering if her dress was supposed to look like that. 7 x 3. Their last week?

William up next! Recap of last weeks sexy rumba. Mmm... He is slightly injured as well so going for the sympathy vote on top of the gorgeous vote. They dance to a slip of a girl singing Ave Maria beautifully. And he looks like the hero from a Barbara Cartland novel - did she write one set in Cuba? Not their best dance. 9, 9, 9. OK I am a rubbish judge and know nothing, unsurprising. And no BC book set in Cuba according to the inter web.

Roshon up next, back from elimination battle last week. Maks' brother is back being useful, teaching Roshon how to be manly. Dancing to Lady Gaga - when did she become classified as classical music? Did she go through all other dance categories and out the other end? Oh and in the middle they cut to the logo, wonder if they were just too raunchy? Unlikely, even with man-classes, he is still mainly sweet. 9, 8, 8.

Donald and Peta - she is looking weirdly made up as a scary Disney princess. He in a gold brocade tail jacket, pretty hideous outfits on both (Len's call him a dancing Ferrero Rocher, snork.) The final lift is great, although lifts in the waltz? Len cannot be happy about that. Nope, Len loved it. Are lifts allowed in the US version maybe? 9 x 3.

Maria as a gorgeous vampire up next - low cut sides and front, down to the belly button. It is a shame he is so blond and middle America nice looking. It doesn't quote fit the whole dark and moody theme. But the dancing is fan-tas-tic! 10, 10, 10!!!

Jaleel up next. Military outfit and another non-classical song. No idea what it is, but a lady is wailing in the background something about waking up to love. William is sitting on the sofa behind the couple talking, bare chested, very distracting. 8 x 3.

Team dance coming up! I am skipping the adverts again - but can see the season changing as I zip through: soil, grass feed, sun screen, patio paving stones and the obligatory car adverts.

Team Tango up first - Maria and Derek mess up their ending, Jaleel and Kim good, Catherine and Mark excellent, Roshon and Chelsie very good and they all end on a high. 10, 8, 9. The judges all saw something different out there it seems.

Team Paso up second. Team Bare Chested Men. Melissa and Maks look uncertain. Not helped by the singers starting at a different pace than the music. William and Cheryl up next and while he is gorgeous the dance is not. Donald and Peta - Paso suits him well. AND THE TOPS ARE OFF! At the end the lads all jump up on the desk in front of Bruno - anything for some bonus points eh? 9, 8, 9. Just one point less than the other team.

And tomorrow we find out who gets kicked out. I suspect Melissa or Roshon.

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