Sunday, 3 August 2008


Photo of Norrkoping by Lennart S Svensson from

From Mrs A

  1. post the rules first

  2. answer all the questions

  3. send on challenge to other bloggers

  4. when you have posted your answers let the person who challenged you know

Name 5 things on your to do list today:

  • cut the lawn - not done due to rain

  • play golf - not done due to rain

  • read through material as prep for BlackBelt exam - maybe later

  • turn gravlax - done

  • unpack bag from visit to Sweden - started in a half hearted way

What did you do 10 years ago?

  • Just started working at Amex as a temp. Probably the worst temp in the world as I spent most of my time looking for other jobs. But somehow managed to impress the boss enough to be given a permanent position after a couple of months. Had just got a flat in Malarhojden and felt very grown up and excited about living in Stockholm and not being a student any more.

Places you have lived?

Five things you would do if you were a billionaire?

  1. pay off debts

  2. work less

  3. play more golf

  4. travel more

  5. give enough money to OG so I get to come back with all my friends as hederledamot

People you want to know more about:

I pass the challenge on to Barb and Angela.


Barb said...

Ok, when is the gradvalax going to be ready and do you need a hand eating it? Am my offering tasting services here!

When did you live in St Petersburg? Where is the best place you have lived?


Evova said...

I have sooo much gravlax!! Have almost finished one half for lunch but have a whole other side that needs eating. Fancy some?

Lived by Prospek Prosvechenia (enlightenment if I remember correctly)

Love love love Copenhagen. Shame about the Danes though.

fru A said...

tänk att du bott så länge i England... det har gått så fort!

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