Friday, 25 July 2008


Yesterday was the funeral for my grandmother Eva. I am named after her and wore her local costume and apprently look quite like her so a couple of people did a double take when I introduced myself. My uncle looks just like my granddad so he had a similar reaction at granddads funeral a few years ago. And of course it turns out that among the relatives you can spot the likeness, not just that me and my sister look just like mum but that our cousin Madde looks just like her mum, and her son Micke looks a lot like our aunt Kim. My uncle who looks like granddad has a son who is following in his footsteps, being the spitting image of his dad, but not with white hair yet. And his sister is the spitting image of her mum. Our genes dont seem very adventurous.

Granny would have approved of the funeral I am sure. Not only was the church full of yellow roses, the priest did a great job summarising her life and her whole family was there and we all cried when saying goodbye to her. Not a dry eye in the house when her best friend walked up and said 'Thank you for all the good times over the years'.

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Barb said...

Eva, so sorry, thought the funeral had already taken place, otherwise I would have texted. Big hug from me.

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