Tuesday, 4 November 2008

November the miserable

Skin thingy was fine. Of course I have ruined my skin with too much sun bathing blablabla. But she didnt try and sell me lots of expensive treatments and stuff so I am quite pleased. Spend £10 in total on products and got some freebees. Not bad.

But getting to and from the session was horrid. On Saturday it was pissing down here, and although the walk from the station to Sk:n is only just 5-10 min I was soaking by the time I got there. My trusty Berghaus jacket was dripping. No fun.

And Monday was no more fun here, so grey that it felt like the day never really started. Miserably miserable. So I am working from home today to cheer myself up. Its nice.


Angela said...

Amazing what a difference that work from home thing makes! I would've quit long ago if it weren't for that....

Barb said...

Yes, "working from home" and comfort food, the best way to survive November. Glad they did not try to flog you loadsa stuff.

Eva-L said...

As someone who's always working from home I can only agree. I love it.
But I love nomvember, fog, rain, chilly mornings, and frost too, otherwise it wouldn't be half as nice to stay in.

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