Wednesday, 17 December 2008


Mum pointed out that on 21st December is the winter solstice so from then on in we are moving towards spring. And the days will be longer and longer again. Its now 11.18 and its as dark outside as in April at 19.30. Dreadful.

We are packing up JD's stuff to prepare for his move home in a few days. Its a lot of stuff. And that is after he came home with most of his suits, gave his Wii to his brother and I moved most of my stuff home. And its not like the house has felt overly empty of stuff while he has been away, although I have enjoyed having the wardrobe to myself...

Tomorrow we are off skiing in Safsen, check out the webcam to see if you can spot us falling over in the snow.


Eva-L said...

I'm gonna sit here watching all Friday you can count on it! Please wave!

fru A said...

åh, snö... tur som sagt att vi går mot ljusare tider, det är bra träligt nu :(

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