Sunday, 29 June 2008

Summer read

Spent yesterday out the back with OK, Hello and books. And Jenny. And food. And wine. And tea.

I think you should all go out and get 'World War Z'. Its great. Am halfway through the book, EL bought it for me when she was over the other week and I am trying to ration my reading to make it last longer.

Friday, 27 June 2008

Highs and lows

Ah I have just been told that the luggage handling is delayed. I guess its because they had two flights landing at the same time and the morons at BAA are unable to plan, work at pace and probably all are on union enforced break.

At least I had time for another ice cream before leaving Rome, stracciatella and malaga (rum and raisin). And I got upgraded to business! First time ever. I celebrated with some New Zealand sauvignon blanc in a proper glass.
Will soon be off home I hope.

Thursday, 26 June 2008


Rome is lovely but a bit hot. 30 degrees at midnight last night. Am glad I am working in an air conditioned office. The Romans are cool though, all well dressed and with high heels, suits, ties and snazzy sunglasses.

Have done some sightseeing after work - walking down (via Bata and other shoe stores...) to Campo di Fiore then on to Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Fontana di Trevi and Spanish Steps. Its still way too hot for sighseeing but the considerate romans have left these handy little watering fountains along the way which is nice.

Last night after we missed the last train from Cinecitta (suburb where office is) we had to take the night bus into town as the taxi number I had been given didnt work. Well that was interesting. Once back we strolled down to Colosseum and Forum Romanum, looking lovely in the night. Slept like a baby after that walk.

Tuesday, 24 June 2008

Red field

The field by the A27 on way to work has just turned red with poppies. Lovely!

Monday, 23 June 2008

Midsummer pole

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JD made the may pole and raised it all by himself. With a bit of help from Jenny and admiring cheers from the rest of us.


My sister are raising a pair of chickens. They are lovely but such scaredy cats they refused to do most of the rides at Grona Lund yesterday. Karin did come with us on the new ride 'Witches broom' which was excellent but too short.

Does spinach make you brave as well as strong? If so I recommend a few kilos a week til next summer when we repeat the visit.

Thursday, 19 June 2008


Lidl is a great shop. In BH there is a large one across the road from the office. When I am bored at lunch I sometimes pop in to see what interesting stuff they are selling that week. And to buy dark chocolate. Their dark chocolate is excellent and cheap. Sometimes I dont go in but just check out next weeks items that they advertise outside, I once waited a whole week full of expectation when they advertised waffle maker to be in store next week. Unfortunately it turned out they had the wrong electicity plug so they were sent back, and I went home empty handed (apart from some vitamin c enriched gummy bears).

In Stockholm we used to work above a Coop, nice and steady time of place, good for lunch food. Now its a Lidl. Lunch food less nice but so much more exciting. Went in today and got some Ryvita copies, ready sliced gouda in an interesting pack and some 'saturday sausage' - never heard of before but looked nice and pink. And it was 30% reduced. I couldnt find the nice dark chocolate, but saw plently of locals perusing the interesting stuff for sale this week. For some reason they dont have the nice German mayo salads here in Sweden that they sell in the UK (and in Germany I assume). And neither do they have the wines here. Not necessarily a bad thing.


I know I am loved. I know this because of the number of people who like to plan things for me. I found this morning that my parents had planned for us to go visit my brothers summer house en route from ours. My sister had in the mean time planned to come to our summer house with kids to play with us. My aunt had planned to meet for a beer and a curry.

While all three sounds lovely I had planned to have a relaxing weekend at our friends summer house, returning to Stockholm early Sunday as I am off to the UK with the 7.05 plane Monday morning.

In the end I think what will happen is that my parents go to my brother and that my sister and kids meet us in Stockholm.

JD is also involved in all the above plans but unbeknownst to us all he was planning to watch some footie this weekend. He is now happy as the current plan does allow for this to happen.

Solution: I need to spend less time in Sweden as it makes me knackered.

Tuesday, 17 June 2008

For LM

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We loved it.

Monday, 16 June 2008


Love love love Allison Moyet. Could listen to her all night. JD recognised 1 song, Marcus 3 songs but all agreed it didnt matter as the concert was great.

Saturday, 14 June 2008


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We loved it!

Here is a photo from day1, with leis and everything. We have surfed, kayaked and snorkled. On top of which we hobnobbed with the leaders and were generally sociable and made lots of new friends.

Back home now, tired but happy.

Monday, 2 June 2008

All good things come in threes

Was told by EL to do this so here goes:

Three names I respond to: Eva, vannen, Lotta/Karin/Tora (when mum cant remember by name)
Three things that frightens me: darkness, sea currents, an angry Lisa Marie
Three things I am wearing: diamond earrings from Vegas, Georg Jensen watch from next door to Dubliners, silver ring from Vadstena
Three truths: If its out of your hands dont worry about it. Reading is good for the soul. Working is mainly about socialising.
Three things I really want: Happy, healthy and free friends and family.

Passing the challenge on - A and B - give me some home truths!

JD and P

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Just found this photo from a few years ago and as JD is in Sweden I dont get to see him as much and it just made me look forward even more to my next visit.

And he does sooo suit distressed oat.