Sunday, 10 August 2008


We spent the day in the pub yesterday, drinking wine, eating and chatting. It was great especially as it was windy, rainy and miserable outside. Perfect weather for going to the pub.

Somehow someone on a stag do ended up in the sea and drowned yesterday. Now the pub we were in is next to the sea and I cant believe someone not only went down on the beach but actually went in the sea in that weather.

Today its sunny and while all I want to do is stay in and read and watch TV I feel so guilty about wasting a sunny day that I am going to have to do a spot of gardening to appease my conscience, then I can spend all afternoon in the sofa.


Eva-L said...

Vi har mulet och ingen vill gå ut! Jag ligger på soffan och tittar på OS och läser Joanna Trollope.

Evova said...

Jag har just last klart den senaste Kate Mosse. Lang var den, men helt ok sondagslasning.

OS kollar jag med pa, gymnastik. Blir trott bara av att titta pa dem, sa dax for mer te o choklad...