Wednesday, 31 December 2008

2008 Summary

Jan - Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong - visiting Marco then Chungies wedding.
Feb - JD moves to Stockholm, I get lovely watch for Valentines
Mar - Easter, a very cold beer festival. Celebrating my birthday at Barry's.
Apr - Celebrating my birthday at Grill. First rhubarb crop.
May - LM and Myson visiting, causing me to miss Eurovision final. We meet Augusten. Granny dies.
June - Parents visit. I got to Maui with Louise. EL, J, M, J visiting and we see Yazoo. Midsummer in Sweden, JD dresses the May Pole. I go to Rome and try out the gelato.
July- Went camping on Isle of White, shopping in Copenhagen, visiting EL and J in Borrby. Sunny days so went swimming in the middle of Stockholm, then to summer house. J's Hen Night.
Aug - J and K's wedding. Girls weekend, but without Jo as she got DVT.
Sep - Cray Fish parties. Relaxing week at Summer House, digging a stump up took 3 days.
Oct - Went to Oslo. Norwegian girls visiting. Saw the Hoosiers with Jo.
Nov - Saw the Feeling with Louise. Did not go to Sweden. Started crocheting. Made a chrismas tree.
Dec - Crocheted a lot of Christmas decorations. Went skiing. Packed up JD. Went to Belfast. Home at last, both of us.

Hoping for a just as memorable 2009, but maybe a little bit less travelling by air.

Thank you everyone who helped make this year another good one.

Happy new year!

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