Tuesday, 26 August 2008


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I spent the bank holiday monday eating with different people, starting with Jenny and Klara for lunch, then shopping and ice cream with mum and finishing with mum and dad at a new italian restaurant in town (Porto Cervo, Timmermansgatan 38.)

I have been walking past it since it was done up ealrier this year on my way to work so on Thurdsday Gunnhild and I went there and tried them out. V good... So I went back on Monday with mum and dad and they confirm its v good.

Reasons to like it:

They offer two 'taster menues', one with 4 dishes and one with 6, which helps us customers chose.

There is a wine menu to go with the taster menu and they take turns to choose the wine so we had a different set on Thursday compared to Monday - both v v good.

The staff is mainly men in their 50's who are very charming and happy to chat and help out with ordering etc. I like being served by grownups rather than 20 year olds.

Its close to where JD lives so that makes getting back home afterwards easy.


Barb said...

Sounds really delicious. Got an idea for JD as he is the testing manager. Write the following equasion into the system and then run away fast - if field "age" =/>75 application = rejected!

Miss you.


Evova said...

See you next week! Am looking forward to coming home. Miss my house. And my friends.

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