Wednesday, 31 October 2007

Nigel Slater is my hero

Back to gymming in the mornings. To make the gymming more bearable I have downloaded some books from Audible so I am jogging along on the treadmill listening to Nigel Slater talking mouthwateringly about English food.

There is so much out there I have yet to try. This morning he was listing cakes from all the different areas of Britain. I want some. Luckily it seems Sussex doesnt have its own cake so I am free from temptation down here. Just need to make sure I dont go to Dorset or Derby anytime soon...

Monday, 29 October 2007

Taj and Eiffel tower

Back in the UK after a week and a half away, first in India one week and then a weekend in Paris. Food good in both places but drinks better in Paris. And fois gras.

I am now on diet after eating everything in sight for the last 10 days, I felt it was only right so as I didnt miss out on anything.

As far as I know Jenny and Kalle are still stuck in Paris due to a strike (Air France). Not the worst place in the world to be stuck but you have to wonder how French businesses manage to stay alive.

Photos on Flickr.

Sunday, 14 October 2007

Sunday evening

Weekend summarised:

well hung steak with chanterelle sauce and gigondas vino
lie in and eggs benedict
puff pastry dinner and strictly come dancing
lazy sunday in sofa and afternoon tea with finger sarnies, scones, banoffee cake and tea
roastbeef with braised red cabbage (too full from afternoon tea to have it with spuds)
strictly results and early to bed


I obviously worked too hard this week as I not only missed to read the updates that finally got posted on J and EL's blogs... But also I spent only 20 min online in total over the evenings and with my normal work ration low (again work is to blame) I have ended up thinking maybe I missed something. But suspect not.

Update on cleaner - week 2 better so we are going to continue with her. After spending some quality time at B's this week (Thank you for wonderful food and company, and for letting me take care of C who is a darling!) I realize that two grownups who spend the majority of the time at work / travelling/ socialising do not really make that much of a mess so for us to have a cleaner is almost silly, but its worth it. For a family of 4 of which two are small children who love throwing food on floor, washing hands in loo, throwing up a little milk after each feed I would say a cleaner would be a god send.

Monday, 8 October 2007


Tomorrow the cleaner is coming round. Not sure what she will do as since last weeks visit we have kept the house as tidy or even improved somewhat on the state (thank you father for cleaning kitchen before leaving today and for spending all of Sunday cleaning the back garden. and thank you mother for the weeding work, especially getting inbetween glass house and fence to get the weeds out).

So I have written a note with what I want her to do, and if she does as I ask we will keep her. If not she is out. What is on the list?
  • Wipe wooden floors, including under beds and sofa

  • Clean shower - base, walls, glass and tap
  • Vacuum and wet wipe conservatory (not on note - because we had MASSIVE crabs for dinner and the floor is covered in bits of meat and shell...)

  • Clean bathroom window from inside

If she is out I reccon we should just get my parents to come back and clean for us on a weekly basis.

Sunday, 7 October 2007

Brrrrmmm, brrrrrrrrrmmmm

Jaguar E-type, Porsche 911, AC Cobra

Wednesday, 3 October 2007


In theory I like autumn. I like not having to be outside because its sunny and feel like lying in bed half the day is sinful. I also like that its the season for red wine and stews. And I quite like getting back into proper clothes and shoes after a summer of sandals and linen.

But I have now for three weeks felt like I am sleep walking, ok I did have a cold last week and I have had too many american guests in the office. But I still dont think that explains my complete lack of motivation, general feeling of tiredness and exceedingly whingey mood.

Luckily I am only working for four days this week as my parents are here. And I have managed to get through three already, just one to go. So the question is how little can I do without it seeming obvious that I am a workshy skiver?
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