Sunday, 13 July 2008


Went camping this weekend with Heidi and some of her friends. I knew we'd be in caravans and expected it to be a site in a forest, a bit rustic and very rural and quiet. We arrived at 9ish on Friday night and it turned out I couldnt be more wrong. We parked up and walked up to the Entertainment Complex (oooooo) where the rest of the group were already, drinking away and watching the worst comedian ever to enter a stage (Tony Macaroni - if he ever appears near you I suggest escaping or quickly downing several shots to try and take the edge of). Tony was not just really bad but also offensive, covering fat, old, women, foreigners and children - there might have been some more groups covered as well but I managed to zone out after a few drinks. I successfully managed to catch up with the rest of the group so could happily join in the karaoke singing til the bar closed.

We had a lovely time on Saturday on the beach in Shanklin, the boys playing cricket and the girls relaxing in the sun and generally taking it easy. I was by then over the chav chock and quite enjoyed Sat night dinner and entertainment including seeing 4 from the group partaking in a competition where they (in pairs) had to pop balloons in 'funny' positions. At that time I must admit it was very funny, especially when Heidi got competetive and decided winning was more important that anything and just went for it. She and Andy won, 9 seconds. Next year they will try for the world record at 7 seconds.

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What an interesting experience....