Thursday, 19 June 2008


Lidl is a great shop. In BH there is a large one across the road from the office. When I am bored at lunch I sometimes pop in to see what interesting stuff they are selling that week. And to buy dark chocolate. Their dark chocolate is excellent and cheap. Sometimes I dont go in but just check out next weeks items that they advertise outside, I once waited a whole week full of expectation when they advertised waffle maker to be in store next week. Unfortunately it turned out they had the wrong electicity plug so they were sent back, and I went home empty handed (apart from some vitamin c enriched gummy bears).

In Stockholm we used to work above a Coop, nice and steady time of place, good for lunch food. Now its a Lidl. Lunch food less nice but so much more exciting. Went in today and got some Ryvita copies, ready sliced gouda in an interesting pack and some 'saturday sausage' - never heard of before but looked nice and pink. And it was 30% reduced. I couldnt find the nice dark chocolate, but saw plently of locals perusing the interesting stuff for sale this week. For some reason they dont have the nice German mayo salads here in Sweden that they sell in the UK (and in Germany I assume). And neither do they have the wines here. Not necessarily a bad thing.

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