Thursday, 4 December 2008

8 Challenge


1. Publish the rules on your blog

2. Answer the six 8 items

3. Challenge others

8 Favourite Programs:

  1. Scrubs

  2. Bones

  3. Strictly Come Dancing

  4. Two Fat Ladies

  5. QI

  6. Never Mind the Buzzcocks

  7. Have I got News for you

  8. most BBC4 programs

8 Things I did Yesterday:

  1. Read Midnight Sun (

  2. Admired how lovely the house is with the christmas lights / star / tree up

  3. Had Heidi over for dinner - we made Lussebullar (Saffron buns)
  4. Agreed to book the Jan hols (whohoo, Caribbean here we come!)

  5. Received a Xmas present from Lisa Marie and Myson

  6. Watched It Takes Two (love Claudia)

  7. Ignore my pile of clothes to wash

  8. Decided not to try on the dress for next weeks Xmas party as I think I wont fit into it and wanted to avoid the panic of not knowing what to wear

8 Things I Look Forward to:
  1. JD moving home
  2. Twilight the movie - I have a date to see it on 2nd Jan
  3. Holiday in Jan
  4. Xmas dinner with family at Basenberga and Gondolen
  5. Dinner out with friends on Saturday night
  6. Lie in on Saturday
  7. Strictly on Sat night
  8. Janssons frestelse

8 Favourite Restaurants:

  1. Barry at the Tureen (Brighton)
  2. Pintxtos People (Brighton)
  3. Don Carlos (Brighton)
  4. Moshi Moshi (Brighton)
  5. Pelikan (Stockholm)
  6. Gondolen (Stockholm)
  7. Ida Davidsen (Copenhagen)
  8. Marcus kitchen (especially if Kalle is assisting)
8 Items on my Wish list:
Dont want to be repetetive, here are 9 from the other week, although Jodie has been kicked out so only 8 remain.

EL - seeing as you should be done with that dull finance text by now how about completing a list eh?

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