Monday, 23 June 2008


My sister are raising a pair of chickens. They are lovely but such scaredy cats they refused to do most of the rides at Grona Lund yesterday. Karin did come with us on the new ride 'Witches broom' which was excellent but too short.

Does spinach make you brave as well as strong? If so I recommend a few kilos a week til next summer when we repeat the visit.


Eva-L said...

Both my kids went on the witches broom (and both screamed MUM very loudly they told me after)! And I had to go on the Blå tåget twice with Edvin. But you should go with Jenny or Johan they'll go on anything, as I suspect you know.
You should bring your nieces to Disneyland Paris for practice.

Barb said...

suggest that someone opens a themepark with only really scary rides. rides which are so blood curlingly terrorsome that they have paramedics standing by. You being the cool auntie, take them along. They feel so grateful that they have to go on all the rides. job done. The stratosphere in vegas will seem like a walk in the park to your nieces!!!

Evova said...

I actually didnt dare do the Stratosphere one, but did do NYNY which was GREAT.