Tuesday, 25 November 2008


It was 12 degrees in the bedroom this morning when I got up. I sleep very well in the cold but its hard to get up.

I am not going to change the heating settings to make it warmer cause I am sure this winter lark will just be temporary and soon it will be around 10 degrees again. And I cant have this changing the heating settings every other day. So I will add an extra quilt, make sure my fluffy slippers are just by the bed and the towel on the heated towel rail in preparation for the morning shower.

And I am sure its good for you (somehow) with the cold. It sure makes me appreciate the hot shower so much more. I am so so so glad we dont have a bath tub, a nice enclosed shower cubicle thingy is the way forward. But I wish we had underfloor heating in the bathroom.

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Eva-L said...

Yes, floor heating in the bathroom would be great. Your bathroom is always cold!
Our friends have floor heating in the hallway. That's nice too.

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