Monday, 31 August 2009


It was so much fun! I had several (ok lots) of amazing cocktails made with vodka, crushed cucumber and ginger beer. And some food.

We saw all the players on the 17th green and then on the 18th tee. I got the whole box to should 'Heja Freddie' when Freddie Jacobsen came up the fairway (but he didnt hear). We then spent 1 1/2 hr getting from the golf course just across the water to Manhattan where we had dinner in a small italian restaurant. Back home and in bed just after midnight, tired and a bit sunburnt.

Saturday, 29 August 2009


We are a Skype family. Mainly my fault as I moved and havent got a proper phone. But I like it! Especially as we can chat over Skype, not just actually talk to each other.

Have just arranged for the parents to come and see me in November, all agreed over Skype chat. V handy.

Skyping on Saturday mornings will become a regular feature I think. Also went to the farmers market and got locally grown yellow plums, tomatoes, dill and basil. Need to get some mozzarella and dinner all sorted. Also got a fruit tart from the Nun (snigger) for dessert.


I am going to the golf on Sunday! Taking the train and boat so we can have a drink. Apparently mobile phones are not allowed so I wont be able to send smug texts.

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Less Hopeful

Delivery not possible til Wednesday next week. Booo...

Got my ID so fingers crossed will be able to get my car paperwork going tomorrow so I can collect it Monday. Spent 4 hrs getting that ID today, queuing, waiting, queuing, grovelling to the staff. They managed to lose my form but somehow in the ended well. Not looking forward to going back in a few months to get the actual US license (of course after taking 8 hrs of mandatory theory lessons + theory test + drive test). Whohoo. Something to took forward to this autumn.


Am hoping to get our stuff this weekend, was told yesterday it has passed through customs and is on its way to the storage depot. So the depot owners should be calling me any time now to arrange the delivery. I was hoping they would call today but nope so far.

Tomorrow I am off to secure the last bit (I hope) of admin to get my car. I am hoping I will be able to collect it on Monday. JD arrives next Thursday and it would be nice to have a bed by then as well as a car to pick him up in.

Will be very nice to have a bed. While I love this sofa bed I kind of miss having a bed and a separate sofa. Dont miss a lot of the other stuff so am a bit worried about what I will do with it all. Am thinking just stuffing it all in JD's wardrobe is a good idea...

Sunday, 23 August 2009


Met Trevor for brunch in NY today, v civilised. I had much too much food, but who can resist a full breakfast with eggs, bacon, pancakes, hash? Well I cant. We then took a long walk in Central Park to walk off some of the calories, a thoroughly enjoyable day out. On the way back I found a store in Grand Central Station that I last saw in Paris, when visiting Jenny in Nov 2008. Its called Pylones and JD got himself a stabbed man knife holder there. This time I got a present for mum when she visits next. Gold and with magnolias on it. Will be perfect for when she takes a break on the balcony.

Saturday, 22 August 2009

Garage sale

Went with a collegue today who wanted company collecting some stuff she'd bought on Craigslist and when we arrived it turned out the seller was having a garage sale so I picked up a pretty glass pitcher and a table. Table to be used as a desk when I am working from home, so will go in the spare bedroom once I actually have enough stuff to have furniture in more than one room.


I have it. Its in the fridge. I am a happy bunny.

Found energy to walk 10 steps

Friday, 21 August 2009


I got four boxes delivered today, my air freight. Couldnt remember what I had packed but it turned out to be my golf clubs, all my shoes (incl a lot of winter dito), bedding and loads of CDs / DVDs. Its now spread out all over the living room so its a mess, but hey I still have one room with a router in it and one room with a suit case in it so if I want to feel minimalist I just walk into another room.

Yesterday we had a team build at work, v nice and I even had a few beers after work with the group. Mmmm beer... Today I applied for a social security number (collecting it Monday) and it was soooo hot walking to work. This evening I had to stay and work late as suddenly we had a thunder storm. Cleared the air so I liked walking home afterwards. I cant be bothered walking over to the kitchen to get my handbag so photos from team do will be uploaded later or tomorrow...

Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Getting post

I love getting post. Not bills or random pizza delivery stuff. Proper post. Today I got three bits! Not one, not two but three! A parcel from sister with with Not-Creme and tulips, one with a loong letter from LM and then a beautiful in green flocks wrapping paper wrapped pressie. Am very pleased with the day.

And to top it all off my collegue C turned up and we had a great time, got lots done and some work too. She took me shopping so I am now skint but will be well dressed in the coming weeks.

I need to get my butt over to the post office tomorrow to get some stamps so I can respond in style.

Sunday, 16 August 2009

Saturday, 15 August 2009

Farmers market

Turns out that each Saturday there is a farmers market here, selling local produce. Whohoo! So got some tomatoes, peaches, cucumber, lettuce and light green peppers. Am thinking salads to go with the frozen food I shall be eating while waiting for my cook ware to arrive. Bought a pot and a small pan (and a knife and a cutting board - Target-tastic) so I can at least boil and egg and some water for tea, am still in two minds about the kettle. And havent made it to Williams & Sonoma yet, the farmers market derailed me.

Cant find a place to buy wine either! Was really looking forward to a glass of chilled white wine tonite but it looks not to be. Ho hum. Ice tea not quite the same.

Friday, 14 August 2009


One week on and I have an apartment with a sofa bed, tv and internet. Whohoo! Am just running a wash and will soon take the rubbish out for the first time. Then walk back to hotel for one last night before checking out tomorrow. Will spend some quality time shopping tomorrow. My sweet mother is trying to send me money (wedding present!) if I can just give her the details, but I am a bit slow, but I can still spend the money, right? Am thinking a candy apple red Kitchen Aid. And a new kettle. Do I go for the snazzy red Kitchen aid one you have to put on the hob, or a plain electric one? Choices, choice. 

Went to Target yesterday (reccon B is right, will be able to make my way round it blindfolded soon) and got all the basics so I can live here. Plus some not so basic but nice to have. Like bamboo organic bedding. And a pretty white cotton throw. Offsetting bog rolls, cleaning stuff, one plate, one cup, some cheap cutlery and food. Not all frivolous stuff.

Saturday, 8 August 2009

Big pink bag

Its giant. Needed to ship remaining stuff from over here to over there. Cheapest bag I could find as someone just nabbed the one I had spotted in the charity shop. On a positive, I will never struggle to spot it on the conveyor belt.

Cat spent all morning asleep, ignoring food we offered, then went out and somehow managed to catch a bird (stupid bird) and brought it inside. Of course the little fckr didnt kill it but just left it on the floor. JD had to take a spade and kill it. I refused to look. We cannot have cats. Little bastards they are.

Friday, 7 August 2009

Leaving do

Had Leaving do nr 2 last night in a pub in the Hill. Glorious location. But had a great time and just the right people turn up! So lots of people I like and noone I dont.

Still not feeling like this is for real so wonder when its going to hit me, suspect maybe next week or so. Tomorrow packing the suitcases, Sunday flying out. Hoping to move in next week, have ordered (cancelled and re-ordered) sofa bed. Got internet and tv installation booked. Need to pick up keyes and hope its as nice as I remember it.

Monday, 3 August 2009

Food for friends

I made Lemon Posset with Jo this weekend. Soooo good. I had it at St John's on Monday where JD and I had lunch after our visa interview. I love that restaurant and so now does JD. I had the bone marrow again, then lamb sweetbread and lemon posset for dessert. JD had spleen then cured fried tongue (mmm with beetroots) and baked chocolate mousse for dessert. We could barely walk afterwards, so so full.
Anyway, lemon posset is super simple to make:
250ml double cream
150ml sugar
Mix and boil for 3 min. Set aside for 10 to cool a bit.
Add in juice of 2 lemons, and pour into whatever you want to serve in. We added some raspberries as well cause it was pretty and taste nice. Cill for 2-3 hours and then enjoy.
If you dont love sour then maybe have less lemon. But I say embrace the sour! I am planning to make this for my first guests who are coming to see me!

Cats dont like me

Am not keen on cats and they not keen on me. Prefer a nice dog you can bribe to love you with a couple of well placed sausages.

Have now in 3 days managed to displace 3 cats, stealing their bed for the night and thereby making them annoyed. A lot of cat stares received. Silently sitting and staring at me when coming and going.

H's cat is kind of sociable so she might get over it once she realizes I will be in charge of feeding her Fri-Sun but Jo's cats were not amused. Although the grey one did let JD pat her for about 30 seconds.

Cat bed stealing will be over by Sunday when I leave for the country of everything big and plastic.
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