Tuesday, 9 September 2008

Something on the car door

When I came back from Stockholm the other week I found while I had been away someone had put something on my car door, drivers side, along the botton quarter of the window. It looked kind of reddish and must have been liquid to start with. The stain starts by the mirror, goes along the window onto the back window and there also down on the door a little.

It has rained a lot here lately so I was hoping it would just go away. It hasnt. I am hoping its not puke. I sit and look at it when I am in a queue thinking of scenarios as to how it ended up on my car. Maybe someone driving by in a car spraying my car with Heinz. Or being sick out of the bus window. Or someone very tall running past with a strawberry milkshake and losing their grip.

1 comment:

fru A said...

uuuh... jag hoppas på jordgubbsshake-varianten! automatisk biltvätt?