Monday, 2 June 2008

All good things come in threes

Was told by EL to do this so here goes:

Three names I respond to: Eva, vannen, Lotta/Karin/Tora (when mum cant remember by name)
Three things that frightens me: darkness, sea currents, an angry Lisa Marie
Three things I am wearing: diamond earrings from Vegas, Georg Jensen watch from next door to Dubliners, silver ring from Vadstena
Three truths: If its out of your hands dont worry about it. Reading is good for the soul. Working is mainly about socialising.
Three things I really want: Happy, healthy and free friends and family.

Passing the challenge on - A and B - give me some home truths!


Barb said...

Ok, for what its worth:

Three names: Barb, Barbiekam, Barbie (reluctantly!).

Three tres frightening things: the thought of dying before my kids are old, darkness (did you watch Dr Who on Sat?), people who dont smile.

Three things I am wearing: meatloaf (dont ask!), socks with holes in, prized benetton t-shirt (clean).

Three truths: dont cry over spilt milk, italians do it better and your hands reveal your life.

three things I really want: continue being happy, health and more hours in the day.

What do I win? cuddly toy?

Evova said...

babes? even more reluctantly?

Angela said...

OK, I have it up on my blog!

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