Wednesday, 2 July 2008


Barb and I went shopping and then for dinner last night. I found a couple of nice dresses at Matalan and as its such a bargain bucket shop it only cost me £39. We then went next door to Bratano and they had massive signs saying buy one get one half price. I should have read the small print. After spending a good half hour trying on all the shoes I had selected two pairs. Paid up and was surprised to find the total quite high. When asking about the 1/2 price thingy was told it was only on sandals.

What I should have done was say - well then I dont want these shoes.

What I did do was say - ok, well thanks. And walked off.

I like my goldenish sandals from Clarks though. But the other pair will have to be inspected tonight and potentially brought back. Wonder if I can get 1/2 price on a pair of sandals if I bring them back and find another pair I like? Or do I have to return both, re-purchase the gold sandals plus another pair. Hmmm... Its worth £12.50 so worth considering.

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