Wednesday, 20 August 2008


My friend Johanna was supposed to come to Stockholm this weekend to spend time with me, Gunnhild and Sofie as part of our annual reunion. But yesterday she found out she has Deep Vein Thrombosis so she has to take blood thinning medication, go and get the blood tested daily and definitely NOT fly.

So unfortunately it will just be me and G this weekend. Sofie had a baby a few weeks ago so we will go and see her, but its not going to be the same as the great weekends we have had previoius years:

2007 - Hytte in Norway
2006 - Cirencester, UK
2005 - Borrby, Sweden
2004 - Bergen, Norway

But we are of course very glad they found the DVT before anything serious happened!

Basically one of her calves is 2.5cm bigger than the other, slightly warmer, slithly different in colour and hurt a bit. Not exactly major warning signs so IF the above description fits you call your doctor!

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Barb said...

Good thing she went to the doctor about it. You are right, those symptoms could almost be ignored. Hope she gets better and hope you have a good weekend.

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