Tuesday, 30 December 2008

Hamming it up

JD and I got a bit carried away yesterday. We discussed what to have for dinner and agreed lentil soup would be nice and I fancied making my own with ham. Unfortunately the butcher didnt have any ham to cook but Sainsburys had a giant boiling ham that we bought. So last night the ham was cooked for a couple of hours with an onion, celery and a carrot. We tried it when it was done and it is delishious.

In Sainsburys I also got lentils and split peas, as I couldnt decide what would be nicest. But in the end I decided split yellow peas were the way forward. So they soaked overnight and now I have them cooking in the ham stock on the stove. I have promised JD that I will make pankakes to go with the soup if there is any left on Thursday. As the pot is big I do suspect there will be plently left and that we will also have the freezer stocked with soup for 2009.

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