Friday, 30 May 2008


My grandmother passed away yesterday. Over the last year she seemed to grow more and more tired of living so it didnt come as a complete surprise. But it marks the passing of time so I wanted to celebrater her life with some of her sayings and doings.
  • I got two names from her - Eva Aurora.
  • She was a leo and maybe that explains her love of getting presents (even if it was 10 pairs of stockings infividually wrapped).
  • At the summerhouse she'd cook for an army, irrelevant of if we were 4 or 20 people there. All lovely food.
  • At Christmas she'd make me special food as I didnt like the Swedish Christmas fare - kaldolmar and flaskpannkaka.
  • For midsummer she and mum and Chris would make our midsummer wreaths, mainly with daisies that she really wasnt keen on.
  • Her favourite tree was the birch, so we had to save all the birches around the summer house.
  • She used to work as the kitchen manager at Danderyd's hospital and it was a treat for me and my sister to get to go to work with her, stir the massive pots, make 20 liters of dressing and help out in the washing up room.
  • She made my dresses when I left school and college, trying unsuccessfully to pass on her knowledge to me.
  • She was incredibly proud of all us grandkids and if watching us perform would (quite loudly) point out 'That is my grand child' to our horror and embarrassment.
  • She had a great set of pins which unfortunately were not inherited by mum or me and my sister.

Some mormor sayings - in Swedish and untranslatable:

(efter taklagsfest pa landet, morfar sager att de alla mar sa daligt pga all klorofyll i luften)
"Klorofyll? Snarare Fylloklor!"

Om vackra man:

"Med honom i sangen o en back ol skulle man inte vakna torstig."


Angela said...

I'm sorry to hear this news. But what a lovely way to mark her life.

Eva-L said...

Nej,men Eva vad tråkigt!

fru A said...

det låter som om hon var något alldeles extra... kram!

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