Monday, 15 June 2009


Photos: Birch dessert to the left and a floral snack below.

To celebrate J & M's 5th Wedding Anniversary we went to Noma in Copenhagen. The food was very nice! But I think I prefer Mathias Dahlgren.

The best dish was pork loin covered in crushed crunchy pork rind, a bit like pork fish fingers. After that it was a close contest between one of the pre-meal snacks and one of the fish dishes; chicken skin sandwich (OMG I want more!) with cream cheese and caviar filling and the razor clam served in a tube of parsley jelly with horsradish granita and a beautiful chicken stock.

Main let down - desserts were a bit weird. One was birch sap meringue with birch sap sorbet and the other was a fromage topped with rosehip 'crunch' served with beetroot sorbet. Just give me a danish or some chocolate next time...

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Anonymous said...

am sitting here drooling over the mains, agree with you on the desserts they sound a bit too far fetched. The pics look good, shame to eat them they look pretty.


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