Thursday, 22 October 2009


I should exercise more.
I should work more efficiently.
I should eat less crap.
I should tidy more.
I should watch less tv
I should get out more.
I should walk to work.

Oh fuck it. Will just have a bit more chocolate and continue watching TV. Maybe tomorrow.


Angela said...

Strangely enough - my RSS feeder put you right below this blog on my list. She is really good about dealing with cases of the "shoulds" and the "why am I NOT doing the thing that I should" and the other general "meh" things that go with those. Goes well with chocolate - even though she doesn't eat it herself.

Anonymous said...

Hey, its going to be winter soon, so, if you walked you would probably fall in the ice and break a leg or something like that. so, in actual fact, if you stay at home eating chocolate then you are being a diligent employee who is thinking of the company (no sick days!) and keeping herself healthy. Bring on the chocolate I say! B x