Friday, 14 August 2009


One week on and I have an apartment with a sofa bed, tv and internet. Whohoo! Am just running a wash and will soon take the rubbish out for the first time. Then walk back to hotel for one last night before checking out tomorrow. Will spend some quality time shopping tomorrow. My sweet mother is trying to send me money (wedding present!) if I can just give her the details, but I am a bit slow, but I can still spend the money, right? Am thinking a candy apple red Kitchen Aid. And a new kettle. Do I go for the snazzy red Kitchen aid one you have to put on the hob, or a plain electric one? Choices, choice. 

Went to Target yesterday (reccon B is right, will be able to make my way round it blindfolded soon) and got all the basics so I can live here. Plus some not so basic but nice to have. Like bamboo organic bedding. And a pretty white cotton throw. Offsetting bog rolls, cleaning stuff, one plate, one cup, some cheap cutlery and food. Not all frivolous stuff.


Angela said...

Glad that you're settling in well. Fair warning, though - Target is addictive!

Eva-L said...

Apple red kitchen aids are lovely. I'm getting the icecream appliance when we're over visiting in October.
Did you know they also have pink toasters?
Seems you have to buy your wedding gifts yourself, but that's nice isn't it? I hoipe you remember to get the chapagne I told you to get, I got professional advice for that one.

Barb said...

yes, get kitchen aid at all costs, they are better than oxygen and more essential than chocolate. buy one now.

Your shopping sounds good so far. Do Target do loyalty cards?