Saturday, 18 July 2009

Sales pitch

I got a mac book today. I love it. I brought it back to the hotel, opened it up and voila I was on line.

Its what should happen whenever you buy anything but normally you end up spending at least a couple of hours charging, setting up, loading software etc etc. Then possibly you can actually use the thing.

Am now sitting here, listening to Terry and loading my photos while waiting for someone to log onto Skype so I can chat to them. 


Anonymous said...

nämen, du har fallit för mac book? privat eller jobbet dator?
Allt bra - over there?
kram kram

Evova said...

privat, pa jobbet har vi ibm. eller lenovo som de verkar heta nu.

allt bra. lite segt att sitta pa hotellrum bara. aker hem onsdag

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