Thursday, 27 August 2009

Less Hopeful

Delivery not possible til Wednesday next week. Booo...

Got my ID so fingers crossed will be able to get my car paperwork going tomorrow so I can collect it Monday. Spent 4 hrs getting that ID today, queuing, waiting, queuing, grovelling to the staff. They managed to lose my form but somehow in the ended well. Not looking forward to going back in a few months to get the actual US license (of course after taking 8 hrs of mandatory theory lessons + theory test + drive test). Whohoo. Something to took forward to this autumn.


Angela said...

Ah, the wonders of bureaucracy! If I had the magic "no more BS" wand, I would FedEx it to you!

Evova said...

Thanks! Appreciate the thought. Would be nice with a magic wand for that.

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