Saturday, 15 August 2009

Farmers market

Turns out that each Saturday there is a farmers market here, selling local produce. Whohoo! So got some tomatoes, peaches, cucumber, lettuce and light green peppers. Am thinking salads to go with the frozen food I shall be eating while waiting for my cook ware to arrive. Bought a pot and a small pan (and a knife and a cutting board - Target-tastic) so I can at least boil and egg and some water for tea, am still in two minds about the kettle. And havent made it to Williams & Sonoma yet, the farmers market derailed me.

Cant find a place to buy wine either! Was really looking forward to a glass of chilled white wine tonite but it looks not to be. Ho hum. Ice tea not quite the same.


Anonymous said...

well done on farmers market, dare I ask asbout cheeses? you will settle in in no time. enjoy ny today


Evova said...

NO cheese at farmers market. but got a slice of banana cake from a nun.

Angela said...

Nun-made banana cake? My farmers' markets NEVER have nuns with banana cake!

There is an artisan cheese movement in the US. I heard this author talking about it on my public radio station last weekend. But don't expect to find real cheese in the average American grocery....

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