Sunday, 31 May 2009


I still havent found the beach. Tried this morning but as my gps doesnt have a category for beach I had to rely on my map reading and that didnt work, unsurprisingly. I was close, I kept seeing glimpses of water in between the beautiful houses I drove past. But no actual beech.

So I went to Norwalk where I by chance spotted that there was a boat trip to a near by island at a couple of times a day (Sheffield Island). We barely made a large enough group but that was probably for the best as it made it a very peaceful trip. The island has an old light house on it, very quaint. It was incredibly restful to lie in the shade under a tree looking out over the water. I chatted a little to the others on the trip, two hungarians (I said my one word in hungarian: bor) and a british family with one nice child and one suuuper whingy crying child that luckily fell asleep after an hour or so.

On the way to and from the island we got to see some fantastic sea front villas that made me green with house envy. Apart from the cleaning and gardening and them being very large and dark at night.

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