Friday, 18 September 2009

Me - the guinea pig

I got lots of stuff delivered today but by far the most exciting was two shampoo bars and an eye cream from A. So I am officially a guinea pig. Am very, very excited. Will test the eye thing tonight and shampoo tomorrow.

I also got a firewall which after an hour I got to work with the wireless router. Phew. And JD's bday present got delivered. EL - if he finishes building it before you arrive I think he will be ok with your rebuilding it all over (and I will have a reason to tear it down - we had the eiffel tower up for months...) And the last thing was a book, might be a late night tonight.

Did I mention I am cat sitting by the way? A very gorgeous 7 year old very red cat called Simba. He is as sociable as a dog so I like him. Oh and I went to a clam bake and had locally caught clams, mussels and lobster. Delicious.

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