Saturday, 6 June 2009

Dinner in NY

The plan was to work from the NY office yesterday, leave early and maybe go to a museum or so before meeting Amina and Katarina for dinner. But that plan was scuppered by meetings and more meetings, so I worked in Stamford til 4.30 then ran to the train and made it to the restaurant just in time for dinner.

It was lovely seeing some friends, everyone is very nice here but its not quite the same as being with friends. So we had a great dinner and then went to a pub across the street from their hotel. It served Magners so I felt quite at home.

On the train home I met a little old lady who had left her note book in her club and was fretting about this. Luckily a nice (and very handsome) man lent her his mobile so she could call and ask them to keep it for her. Highly amusing.

Today I am lazying in the hotelroom, planning to get some pampering done this morning and then do some driving around to improve my local knowledge. I am determined to try and find the beach so that is goal nr 1. And then possibly the Westchester mall.

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Eva-L said...

Jag ser fram emot mallbesök! Du har i uppdrag att hitta den bästa.