Friday, 11 December 2009


Woke up at 4.30 when the fire alarm went off in the whole building. Staggered out of bed, didnt smell any smoke so took a few minutes to drag on trousers, a fleece and the jacket. Grabbed bag and walked out. The coldest day of the year. Nice. So -5 and on top of that windchill making it feel about -10.

God Bless America! Jumped in the car, heated seating, and went to StopNSHop. Open 24hrs a day. So at 5 AM its me and the staff. Strolled around and got some xmas presents. And a toothbrush, mascara, deodorant and a brush. Just in case. Drove back to apartment but firetrucks still there and alarm sounding still (5.30) so then decided to go to work.

I can see the apartment from the office so had a cup of tea, chatted to JD and mum and saw the sun rise. At 7.30 the fire trucks still outside flashing. As I didnt have a bra on (well I did leave the flat in a hurry!) and I was in my jimjam top I had to nip across to Target (waiting impatiently outside their doors til they opened) to do some necessary shopping.

The fire trucks left at just before 9 but by then I had meetings. So now got home and still cant feel any smoke smell so not sure if it was a real alarm or just a fake one. Just hope I get a whole nights sleep tonite...

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Anonymous said...

What a drama!