Wednesday, 9 September 2009


Am leading training today. Its on a topic I work with everyday so to be honest I should know what to say and not be nervous but I am. I was so shaky this morning I had to read straight from the slides as everytime I tried to just talk freely I lost the plot.

I have a collegue supporting me and he is great, comes across confident, in control and generally as if he knows what he is doing. I am more the bumbling fool. Fingers crossed the team wont hold it against me as on a 121 basis I would happily walk them through the training. Just stuggling in front of the class.


Angela said...
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Angela said...

I'd imagine that you being nervous is less about the class itself - since I KNOW you know your stuff - and more about all the chaos in your life right now. Whenever I'm in that kind of situation, I made sure to do a few things that settle me in to the space - get in early, set things up the way I want and maybe get in a few stretches or breathing exercises before everyone gets in.

You're a natural teacher - even with one bad day.... Deep breaths!

Anonymous said...

I agree with Angela, you are totally good at it, just eat some nice things for breakfast, take your time and remember, sometimes its ok not to know the answer. Am sure you will be your usual effective and wonderful self.


Evova said...

Thank you! By the end of the day it was going quite well. Once I let go of the material it flowed a lot better. But two more days to go before I can relax completely and go back to just doing 121 training.

Anonymous said...

Am sure you did excellent! A little bit of nervousness just makes a better performance!

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